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This is a quite old topic, but it is not a easy topic. Manufacture MTTF could be a big misleading. You can find a lot of article on the web, but most of them only focus on MTTDL(mean time to data loss) RAID equation that was formulated by Gibson and Patterson in 1993.  More realistic model should includs not just disk failure, read error also should be considered. Before I started to make one by myself, I found NetApp has already developed a web based easy to use equtation.raid6 data loss probability calculation

In another article mtx a native linux media changer tool, I mentoned the native linux tool to operate media changer. mtx-driveinfo is a tool has limited function of mtx, what's the puspose of making it?mtx-driverinfo -- get drive inventory only

XFS is a 64-bit, high-performance journaling file system created by SGI. It provides direct IO implementation that allows non-cached I/O directly to userspace. Data is transferred between the application's buffer and the disk using DMA, which allows access to the full I/O bandwidth of the underlying disk devices. However, for compatibility reason, most of storage devices, supports default historical block size and sector size. So, no doubt that  let XFS know the underlying storage information can improve XFS performance. XFS optimisation on large array

It has been a lot changed since I started using it many years ago, so I don't want to have it too particular on certain platform, rather, I'd like to share something in general, so once you know what and how multipath works, it's easier for you to manage multipath configuration versions after versions.Device-Mapper Multipath configuration on linux

This article describes how to replace disks in a Solaris Volume Manager environment. I use a real case happened on Sun Fire 4540 server, c0t0, one of the system disk failed. I've been used to use script to capture the screen output during the disk replacement, quite useful.step by step replacing disks in Solaris Volume Manager environment

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