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Perl is a powerful script language, not just do simple stuff, but also can do complex stuff too.
Lots of people have trouble to figure out parent process, child process, socket communication with client and  how to zombie a dead child process, etc..
Here is my example have everything in it. Defunct process free. perl TCP server daemon example (using socket module)

If you have millions urls to save for later search, probably you have to fight with database performance simply because urls are saved as text or long char attribute into database, thus, hard to index.
Here is a way to let you quickly save, load and search. I save url's md5 checksum to make a index key so later on, use a url's md5 checksum to search it's row in the database. Store urls into database for later search

This article will show you the mapping from physical HBA card to lunsCheck and list luns attached to HBA in RHEL6

Have you tried to enable snmptt mail function? if yes, probably quite often you have to fight with number of trap e-mails from your devices. The reason is that some devices can generate a lot trap messages in a short time, your mail box can easily get 'SPAMED' by these trap messages, especially you are managing a large number of devices.How to manage snmptrapd mails

I'm not doing something brand new here. It's a FC tool set I've been using for many years, very useful, just updated to reflect RHEL6 latest kernel.
Tested on kernel2.6.32-358.14, using Emulex and Qlogic cards. Should be good for other types of HBA too, just add vendor info to ls_fc_luns.  Sysfs Fibre Channel Tools(updated for RHEL6)

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