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                                                    i / MOBILEtm
                                                          Vehicle Guidance & 
            Collision  Avoidance  Systems
      Driving Safety         Accident Alarms            Vehicle Monitor
          The i/MOBILEtm Guidance and Collision Avoidance Systems
now offer intelligent real-time Vehicle Technologies for the enhancement of
Driver Performance, Crash Alerts and Security, - and to thereby significantly
conrtribute to improving vehicle safety, operations and efficiency; - providing 
reduced accidents and traffic incidents, for both cars and trucks or busses.
     These  i / MOBILEtm Group 5, Collision Avoidance Systems, incorporate
major-brand integral cameras with interactive electronics/control functions, ie:
               -  i/VISIONtm OmniView  HiRes. Digital Camera Sensors
               - Interactive Crash Alarms and Vehicle/Pedestrain Alerts
               - Intelligent A/I LogicControllers & Multi-Processor CPUs
               - Analytic Vision Algorithms with  Adaptive i/Computing
               - Graphic Display of Real-Time Traffic Metrics & Alarms
    - to enable the provision on dynamic Saftey Features and Driver Guidance
Alerts, that include:  
             - Auto Collision Warning                   - Real Crash Alarming
             - Pedestrian/Bicycle Alerts               - Lane Departure Alarm
             - Hi- Beam-Light Response               - Traffic Sign/Signal Alert
             - Headway / Space Controls              - Vehicle Nets/Monitoring
             - Dynamic Braking Options               - Steering Assist Features
     -  i/MOBILEtm Group 5, Collision Avoidance Systems  technology data 
and performance Specs can be obtained thru, 
     - Pricing for the Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems is from:  $795.,
subject to specific control options.    This pricing is net of Shipping
charges and applicable State tax.
      - These dedicated / configured Systems are not available with Buyer
returnable or refundable terms.
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