Issadore Lab

Our lab combines microelectronics, microfluidics, and nanomaterials to create miniaturized platforms for the diagnosis of disease. This work requires an interdisciplinary approach in which engineers, scientists, and physicians work together to solve high impact problems in healthcare.

We are currently looking to bring in both new post-docs and graduate students, please contact me directly [Issadore (at)] if you are interested in joining the lab.


8/7/20 We are very proud to announce that our very own Neha Srikumar has been awarded a T32 fellowship from the Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics training program!

6/15/20 We are very proud to announce that our very own Yasemin Atiyas has been awarded an NDSEG fellowship!

5/20/20 US News and World Report reports on our pancreatic cancer study! US News

5/14/20 Want to apply machine learning to your liquid biopsy datasets but don't know where to start? Hanfei Shen has you covered. Check out our recently published automated web-based machine learning tool tailored for liquid biopsy data.

4/22/20 Happy Earth Day!! Yasemin was awarded an NDSEG!!! We're very, very proud.

4/15/20 Yes, you read that right. N = 204. Check out ZJ's tour de force of a paper on diagnosing and guiding the treatment of pancreatic cancer using a multi-modal EV based diagnostic.

3/16/20 The Issadore lab has gone virtual. A little thing like a world changing pandemic can't get in the way of our group meetings and happy hour tradition.

2/7/20 No place in Boston / Cambridge better than Punjaba Daba.

2/7/20 We take birthdays seriously in the Issadore lab. We got Vasant two birthday cheesecakes!

1/21/20 We are super grateful to be receiving funding from the NIH's IMAT program for our work in crazy fast, crazy portable digital assays!


12/20/19 A tale of two šŸ§²! Check out the recent work from Jess Liu, our lab, and the Tsourkas lab.

12/19/19 Things are getting VERY REAL over at ChipDX World Headquarters.

12/8/19 Awesome video on the recent work from Issadore Lab alumni extraordinaire Jina Ko, courtesy of the Schmidt Science Fellows.

11/22/19 Dave travels to LaLa Land for the annual IMAT program. LOTS of cool new technology and clinical validation happening. The future of oncology looks hopeful!

9/20/19 We are very happy to welcome two new PhD students to the lab: Isabel Navarro and Stephanie Yang!

9/14/19 We finally fulfilled our dream of a lab potluck on Lemon Hill. It turns out that everyone in lab is an amazing cook!

9/8/19 We are VERY grateful to be receiving two awesome grants on our infectious disease work. One is from the NIH to develop point of care HIV viral load testing and the other is from Penn's CFAR to develop a blood test for Tuberculosis.

8/8/19 Nishal gives group meeting, turns 30, and drinks 30 beers, simultaneously. Very impressive.

8/3/19 Zijian and Dave go down to Nashville for the first ever International Society of Extracellular Vesicle's conference on cancer. ZJ gave a killer talk and we enjoyed abundant quantities of fried chicken and bluegrass music.

7/3/19 We took our group meeting on the road! So much amazing coffee being brewed and amazing technology being developed at ChipDX.

7/3/19 First meeting of the Boston branch of the Issadore Lab alumni society!

6/21/19 Please welcome the newest member of our lab, Neha Srikumar. Neha will be co-advised by our lab and Ben Garcia's . Microfluidics and mass spec, a marriage made in heaven!

6/4/19 Very psyched that ChipDX, a company spun out of our lab, won Johnson and Johnson's Quick Fire Challenge and we are now officially a JPOD Company. Can't wait to meet our JPal!

6/1/19 Check out David's APOC (Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics) class's trip to Kumasi: Thank you Princess R. Acheampong for organizing such an inspiring and stimulating visit!

5/7/19 Our first foray into sharing a pre-print. Check out Sagar's awesome work on developing robust fabrication techniques to make Three-Dimensional Microfluidics in Silicon:

4/25/19 Dr. Yelleswarapu!!!!

4/24/19 Very happy to announce that Jina won this year's Sol Pollack Award for the best PhD thesis in Bioengineering.

4/9/19 Spring is in the air, and Jina's TBI sequencing paper has just been published! This paper is full of useful and intriguing patterns in the exosomal miRNA biomarkers following injury in murine injury models. And, all of the raw data is publicly available if you're interested to dig into it yourself! (

4/3/19 It's incredible how much amazing translational science is happening at BU medical school. Thank you so much Tsuneya Ikezu for being such a great host. Shellfish in Boston cannot be beat.

3/30/19 Kryshawna shares her research with a community of brain injury survivors at HUP.

3/29/19 Vasant's talents run deep!

3/29/19 We survived Dave Meaney's Spin Class!

3/22/19 We had a very awesome impromptu party to celebrate Dave's promotion!

2/14/19 Happy Valentine's Day! Ravi's dELISA paper just came out in PNAS!!

1/10/19 Heon Ho's newest paper on mass production of core-shell particles for environmental remediation just came out!

1/9/19 Happy New Years! We are very excited to announce two new PhD students in the BE program have joined our lab: Yasemin Atiyas from MIT and Hanfei Shen from UCSD.

1/8/19 I am extremely happy / extremely sad to announce that Sagar, after 3 years of an extremely productive post-doc, will be moving on to work at a startup company in Boston.


12/12/18 Dave, Jina, and Ravi travel to Kauai, Hawaii to present at the IEEE's Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine Conference. It's by far the best conference that we go to, and not just because it is in paradise. Also, Ravi won #1 best poster!

11/30/18 Dave travels to MGH's BioMEMS Center to give a seminar. It's incredible the operation that Shannon and Mehmet have built up there.

11/15/18 Dave travels to Caltech's Medical Engineering Department and UC Irvine's Biomedical Engineering Department to give seminars. So much incredible medical engineering happening in Southern California.

11/7/18 Dave travels to Kuwait City to be part of the 6th annual National Academy of Science's Arab-American Frontiers conference.

10/24/18 Celebrating Ravi "going corporate" by eating 7 plates of giant nachos.

10/18/18 Jina's TBI paper can FINALLY be shared with the world! It just got published at LOC.

10/12/18 We are very grateful to be receiving funding from the NIH's special program: Blue Print: Development and Validation of Technologies for Rapid Isolation and Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles of Central Nervous System Origin.

10/12/18 Bucket list check! Our work was featured on medgadget!

10/5/18 Jess's awesome work on spatially targeted drug release just came out in Small!

9/14/18 We are happy to welcome a new post-doc to the lab: Mike Siedlik from Princeton.

8/30/18 We are very grateful to be part of, and to receive funding from, the brand new Center of Excellence in Genomic Science at Upenn led by Jim Eberwine and Junhyong Kim.

8/10/18 The Gordon Conference on Liquid Biopsy up in Mount Holyoke was awesome, in particular Sri Ganesh's Dosa House in Parsippany New Jersey!

7/20/18 We are very grateful to be receiving funding from the DoD's CDMRP DMRDP (perhaps it's time to try to accustom ourselves to the Department of Defense's acronym soup).

7/1/18 The first official meeting of the Bay Area chapter of the Issadore Lab Alumni Society.

7/1/18 The lab is very excited to welcome its newest member, Sarah Shepherd. Sarah will be co-advised by us and Mike Mitchell's Lab.

6/29/18 Awkward advice to future innovators, from an awkward man, in a bright shirt.

6/28/18 AI meets medical diagnostics! A nice pop-science article in The Scientist on our (and others) work in this area.

6/27/18 Dr. Liu!!!!!!!!!!!

6/20/18 Jina and Dave's interview in Prostatepedia on "Diagnosing Cancer Via Liquid Biopsy and Machine Learning" was published.

6/11/18 We are!? Alex and Sagar head to the ACS Colloid conference at Penn State. Sagar gives a seminar on his high throughput droplet generation work.

6/8/18 Jina and Dave both gave talks at The Keystone Meeting on exosomes in Breckenridge, Colorado!

5/14/18 Sagar's work was featured today on the NSF's homepage! Sweet.

5/7/18 Jina's most recent paper on diagnosing pancreatic cancer using miRNA packaged inside of circulating extracellular vesicles just came out in AACR's Cancer Research!

5/6/18 Some nice press on our super-duper high throughput microparticle production chip! (Penn Today,, Science Daily)

5/3/2018 The lab is very excited to welcome its newest member, Kryshawna Beard - a PhD student in the Pharmacology Graduate Group.

4/28/2018 Dr. Ko!

4/24/2018 Very proud to report that Jina was named a Schmidt Fellow!

4/10/2018 Two awesome papers just came out from our collaborators using our ultra high throughput droplet generators. Josh in the Burdick lab used parallelization to generate granular hydrogels at high throughput, which he published in Advanced Materials. Heon-Ho in the Lee lab developed a new material to fabricate the parallelized devices out of, which allows hydrophobicity to be tuned, and published it in Chemistry of Materials! it's exciting to see parallelized droplet generators move in so many new directions!!

3/26/2018 Sagar's gorgeous paper on integrating 10k!!! droplet generators onto a single Silicon and glass chip is now published in Nature Communications!

3/8/2018 Jina gives the prestigious Young Investigator Lecture at Caltech !

3/7/2018 We pulled off a very successful surprise! Happy birthday Jina!!

3/1/2018 Happy (and very sad) to announce that Jina has accepted a post-doc position with Ralph Weissleder at MGH / Harvard! She'll be headed there after a 3 month stint at Google's Verily.


12/20/2017 Dave now holds a secondary faculty appointment in CBE. All of you prospective chemical Engineer PhD students out there, come work with us!

12/1/2017 Our tutorial on Machine Learning for Liquid Biopsy just came out in Lab on a Chip.

12/1/2017 Jina's CTC FISH paper is highlighted on the Lab on a Chip Blog!

11/11/2017 Enormously proud of our team:

11/1/2017 Jina wins Lab on a Chip's Widmer prize for best poster at ĀµTAS. Way to go Jina!

10/12/2017 Two new awesome papers out! Jess's on-chip diafiltration system in LOC and Jina's exosome based pancreatic cancer diagnostic in ACS Nano.

9/21/2017 Vasant Iyer has joined our group as our very first ESE PhD student! He'll be co-advise by Firooz Aflatouni in ESE.

9/8/2017 We were just officially told what everyone already knew, Jina's CTC FISH paper is HOT! We were listed by the editors at LOC in their collection of 'Hot' articles. An awesome honor for an awesome paper.

8/17/2017 Behold the future of the pharmaceutical industry:

8/9/2017 Jina's CaTCh FISH Chip is published! We dedicate this work to Reviewer 2, whoever you are.

8/1/2017 Zijian Yang joins the group, the lab's very first Mechanical Engineering student!

7/26/2017 Ravi wins first poster prize at this year's Microfluidic Congress!!

7/12/2017 Dave and Jina headed out to Utah to give a talk at the annual Neurotrauma Conference to report on our traumatic brain injury diagnostic. It was a fun conference, in particular the enthusiastic game of 3- way Spit played at 1 AM in the Salt Lake City airport with Alex from the Meaney Lab.

7/6/2017 Heon Ho's super duper fast bubble blower was just published in Lab on a Chip!

6/1/2017 The Issadore Lab is representing at The Gordon Conference on Microfluidics in Tuscany, Italy.

5/31/2017 Follow the exploits of David's class Appropriate Point of Care Diagnostics in Kumasi, Ghana.

5/1/2017 We are very proud to be part of the Allen Foundation's $9.8M grant to study TBI at Penn. Also, I'm very excited that we were featured in the Inquirer. It's thrilling to be mentioned on the same pages as my hero Inga Saffron and my anti-hero Stu Bykofsky.

4/13/2017 I'm very happy to announce that Ravi has won "Judge's Favorite Prize" at this year's Penn iTalks!

3/21/2017 Jina and David are attending a great conference on exosomes in the central nervous system at The New York Academy of Sciences. There is a very long line to speak with Jina at her poster:

3/1/2017 We are happy to report that Chip Diagnostics, a company spun out of our lab, has received a second round of funding from the IP Group.

2/14/2017 Happy Valentine's Day! Ravi's paper on building a mobile, super super super fast droplet based platform just came out in LOC. Check it out!


12/10/2016 Aloha! Dave travels to the big island of Hawaii for the IEEE Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine Conference.

10/8/2016 The Issadore Lab (minus only a few) fly to BMES in Minneapolis to present.

8/8/2016 Jina's beautiful cell phone based traumatic brain injury diagnostic was just published in Scientific Reports!

7/9/2016 My TedX talk got put online. Slightly embarrassing, but here it is... (youtube)

7/15/2016 Sagar gave a fantastic talk on his ultra-high throughput droplet generator at this year's ACS Colloid meeting up at Harvard.

7/3/2016 We are super excited to welcome our newest post-doctoral fellow, Zhiping Zhang.

5/27/2016 Absolutely awesome lab BBQ:

5/5/16 Two super exciting papers just came out! Jina and Ravi published their gorgeous electroformed magnetic micropore chip in Lab on a Chip, demonstrating 100x improved flow rate over previous devices! And, Mike from the Chow lab published his undergraduate-friendly synthetic biology system in ACS Synthetic Biology.

4/3/16 Lab selfie. (need to invest in lab selfie stick)

4/1/16 We're incredibly grateful to The Hartwell Foundation for funding our work on developing diagnostics for pediatric brain cancers.

2/23/16 Chip Diagnostics, a startup company spun off from our lab, is born! Thank you IP Group for your generous funding.

2/20/16 Not only are we being allowed to enter the Union League, we're being honored there! Dave is receiving the Young Engineer of the Year Award from IEEE's Philadelphia chapter.

2/9/16 Dave is super psyched to be receiving a CAREER award from the NSF's CBET.

1/20/16 Ravi wins this year's Microsoft Graduate Student Fellowship! Go Ravi!


12/21/2015 We are very grateful to be receiving support for our work on early detection of pancreatic cancer from the American Cancer Society.

11/14/2015 Jina, Ravi, and Dave take a journey down to the NIH for the annual IMAT PI meeting. The NIH is such a great place, except for the coffee and food. Life without food trucks is hardly life at all.

10/27/15 Jina and Ravi win (first place) at this year's Singh Center Poster Contest! Nishal took third. And, even second was taken by an Issadore lab alumni. I'm kvelling.

10/13/15 Celebrating three newly minted PhD candidates (1 in absentia):

9/29/15 Our paper just came out in Lab on a Chip. Billions (with a B!) of identical droplets per minute!

9/16/15 Interested in starting a business based on our wacky research? Here's one way to do it: The Y Prize

9/13/15 Jina's paper, the definitive review on using microchips to isolate and detect exosomes, just came out in Analyst.

9/2/15 Ravi and Jess passed their qualifying exams! Congratulations PhD candidate Yelleswarapu and PhD candidate Liu!

7/2/15 Jess receives the Neuroengineering and Medicine training fellowship from the Center for Neuroengineering and Therapeutics. Go Jess!

6/27/15 Sydney's article on diagnosing viral infections using Turbo FISH on a Chip just came out in Lab on a Chip.

5/27/15 An extremely successful lab BBQ:

5/27/15 David will be heading to sunny San Diego for the Point-of-Care Diagnostics & Global Health World Congress. Be there or be square.

4/15/15 Nishal Shah has (re)joined our lab as a BE PhD student!

3/21/15 Ravi won first prize in this year's Biomedical Graduate Group's Poster Session. Go Ravi!

3/18/15 David will be traveling to DC to give a talk on detecting rare cells for disease diagnostics at this year's Next Generation Dx Summit in DC. Be there or be square.

3/10/15 Jina is traveling to beautiful New Orleans to give a talk on her CTC isolation work at this year's Pitt Con.

2/24/15 Dave will be a keynote speaker at this year's Northeast Bioengineering Conference. Be there or be square.

2/1/15 We are grateful for (more) seed funding from University of Pennsylvania's Nano Bio Interface Center.

2/18/15 Senior design student, Ashwin Amurthur wins the Y prize for his proposal to use graphene nanosensors to detect benzene leaks from fracking sites.

2/15/15 Nishal and Dave's super awkward photo is now the background on the main webpage. Not exactly sure why.

2/1/15 Mobile Health Technologies was published with a chapter from us.


12/15/14 We are very excited to have a new post-doc joining our group, Dr. Sagar Yadavali from University of Tennessee .

11/20/14 Our multiplexed droplet detector is featured in the 2014 collection of "Hot Articles" by Lab on a Chip

10/3/14 Melaku's paper on miniaturizing the readout of multiplexed droplet based assays just came out in Lab on a Chip.

10/1/14 Melaku's paper on integrating millimeter-scale integrated circuits (ICs) with microfluidics just came out in Lab on a Chip.

9/1/14 We are grateful to the National Cancer Institute's Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program for funding our exosome research.

8/20/14 After 1 year and 10 months of an extremely productive post-doc, Melaku is moving out to sunny California to join a promising point of care diagnostics startup company (Wave80 Biosciences).

7/21/14 Benita's paper on controlling conventional microlfuidics with paper microchannels was highlighted in Lab on a Chip.

7/11/14 Melaku's Track Etched Magnetic MicroPOre (TEMPO) work is featured on this month's cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials.

5/23/14 Max Wasserman receives a Littlejohn award to work in our lab this summer.

5/2/14 David won this year's S. Reid Warren Jr. Award for undergraduate education.

4/1/14 Nishant, Max, Jaime, and Lauren's senior design project is featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian.

3/27/14 Noor, Arielle, Peter, and and Anthony's senior design project is featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian.

2/17/14 Our nanoparticle synthesis work is featured in the SPIE Newsroom.

2/17/14 Melaku and Wu's paper on track-etched magnetic sorting has been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

2/11/14 We are grateful to be receiving a grant from Pennsylvania Department of Health's Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement Program (CURE).

1/27/14 Melaku will be receiving a Berkman Opportunity Fellowship for our work on cancer diagnostics with the Raj and Stanger lab. Thank you David Berkman for your generous support.

1/22/14 Lab Youtube videos!

1/11/14 David spends a few days down in Bethesda at the NIH, learning about new programs on the diagnosis of cancer in developing countries.


12/4/13 Masters student Benita Chumo's work on combining paper and open channel microfluidics onto a single chip has been published in Biomicrofluidics.

10/7/13 Our first two papers are out! The first is Melaku's beautiful work on integrating many droplet makers onto a single chip in Lab on a Chip. The second, a review article in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.

9/24/13 David spends the week in rainy Seattle, giving a talk on bacteria detection at the annual BMES conference.

9/12/13 David now has a secondary appointment in ESE. ESE students interested in our research, please contact me directly.

7/29/13 We are grateful to be receiving this year's pilot award from Penn's Center For AIDS Research (CFAR) and from Penn's Nano Bio Interface Center (NBIC).

7/12/13 We did not let a little rain stop an awesome lab BBQ.

5/25/13 Masters student Benita Chumo graduates!

5/13/13 Our paper on microwave synthesis of nanoparticles on a chip, done in collaboration with Dorota Koziej from ETH Zurich and the Weitz group at Harvard, just came out in Nanoscale.

4/21/2013 Rising Sophomore Kinjal Shah wins this year's Advancing Women in Engineering award!

3/18/2013 The Issadore lab spends the week at Pitt Con, which strangely enough is in Philadelphia not in Pittsburgh.

1/30/13 Our book, Point of Care Diagnostics on a Chip is now available.


12/6/12 David travels to Beijing, China to participate with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease in this year's China-US Symposium on Nanobiology and Nanomedicine.

11/14/12 David gives a talk on detecting circulating tumor cells at the National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence's principal investigator's meeting

11/5/12 David gives a talk at the Nano/Bio Interface Center on hybrid electronic / microfluidic chips

10/25/12 David gives a talk on circulating tumor detection in Atlanta for the annual BMES conference

10/15/12 Post-doctoral researcher Melaku Muluneh has joined the group!

10/1/12 Masters student Benita Chumo joins the group!