Assalaam Alaykum (peace be on you),

Welcome to Islamicare Foundation, dedicated to help families cope with the anxiety and frustration after having a loved one diagnosed with a life threatening disease by:
1.  Creating a safe network where fears and hopes can be shared
2.  Raising awareness in our communities about the needs of affected families.
The believers, in their mutual mercy, love and compassion, are like a (single) body; if one part of it feels pain, the rest of the body will join it in staying awake and suffering fever.” 
Prophet Muhammad
When a family member is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, such as cancer, it affects the whole family. The daily trips and long stays at the hospital along with the 24/7 at home care that the patient needs puts a lot of stress on all family members.
For the parents of a sick child the new situation and the concerns that it brings with it makes it hard to keep up with every day routine. 
Siblings have to adapt to the fact that their parents will not be available for most of the time and they have to give up being the center of attention. 
On the other hand the children of a sick person will feel the insecurity of what the future will bring when they see their mother or father (whom they thought to be a invincible) in such a state.  
 All in all the whole family feels as if their lives are out of control. In order to help the sick child or adult the family must try to keep its sanity.  Extended family and friends can make a diference but not everyone has a network to depend on. At Islamicare Foundation we want to advocate for these families and encourage the communities where they live to strech a hand.

Insha Allah with this in mind we have great plans for our foundation in the near future, and we will love to meet people interested in volunteering their time to help families struggling with this issue in the Atlanta area.