Workshop Proposal

Workshop Proposal

Isadora Duncan explored the language of dance in response to her surroundings, nature and society. She used classical music as an inspiration for her in-deapth creations, utilising lyricism, drama, strength of character, myth and the use of spacial, physical and three dimensional representation of expression.

Barbara Kane studied Duncan Dance in New York, Paris, Munich and Moscow with pupils of Isadora Duncan, with pupils of Isadora Duncan's pupils (Irma, Anna, Theresa, Lisa) and with pupils of Elizabeth Duncan (Isadora's sister/pedagogue of the Duncan School (1904-1948).

Workshop themes include early contemporary dance development discussion using lecture/video/dialogue. Exploring Duncan's use of lyrical, dramatic, heroic, tragic and hopeful in her dances along with a view of the manner of how Duncan's dance created an understood emotional response entertwined with an enthusiasm for the expression possible through the art of dance.

Workshop themes include:

  • Traditional basics of Duncan dance
  • Theme/choreography based
    • Lyrical dance
    • Dramatic dance
    • Tragic dance
    • Heroic dance
  • Combinations of the above

Workshops are conducted in a noncompetitive manner in order to build a responsiveness towards oneself, others and the dance.

Workshops would cover a two or three day period, each day including a morning and an afternoon session, although it can be redesigned to suit any time or space requirement.


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