Isadora Duncan Dance Group

Taught by Barbara Kane and the Isadora Duncan Dance Group 

Photo by Alex Joseph  
Isadora Duncan Dance Group (London-Paris) was formed by Barbara Kane and Francoise Rageau to preserve and promote the dance of Isadora Duncan through workshops, lectures and performances. The group has developed a programme of teaching that encourages a respect for the historical and present day relevance of Duncan's contribution to education and artistic expression. The Isadora Duncan Dance Group with Barbara Kane have taught in mainstream and special needs schools presenting curriculum linked programmes. The group also has given performances throughout Europe: (one week event The Heritage of Isadora Duncan at the University of Bologna, Turin International Dance Festival, Gala Isadora Duncan in Paignton, Devon, Royal Festival Hall 'Ballroom Blitz', Retrospective Isadora Duncan, Moscow).  

Barbara Kane and the Isadora Duncan Dance Group offer: 
School residencies workshops 
     * Curriculum based classes suitable for all Key Stages 
     * In-Service training for teachers 

Lecture/demonstration (themes include)

     * Duncan dance as an historic and living Art from 
     * The technique and dance process of the Duncan style. 
     * Symbol and myth in the choreography of Isadora Duncan 

Performance (programmes include) 

     * The Art of Isadora Duncan with pianist John Bryden
          oSolos, duets and group dances covering the range of Duncan's creativity (1900 to 1921). 
          oMusic of Chopin, Brahms, Scriabin. 
     * Daughters of Memory 
          oGluck's Iphigenia in Taurus and Aulis, Orpheus and Eurydice 
     * 'Ode to Diana' 
          oSchubert's 9th Symphony in C

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