For Children

Isadora Duncan Dance for children

as taught by Barbara Kane and members of the 
Isadora Duncan Dance Group

 Photo by Andrea Moore

Isadora Duncan clearly saw dance as an educational experience for children. 
" is the most natural and beautiful aid to the development of the growing child in its' constant movement.... Only that education is right which includes dance." 
The Art of the Dance

Locked as we are in a man-made technological urban world, increasingly removed from what is natural, we often fail to give time to our need for exploring feelings and the spontaneity of movement expression we are born with. 

Duncan was very clear in her theory: 
"...the child must not be taught to make movements, but with her soul, as it grows, must be guided and instructed: in other words, the body must be taught to express itself by means of the motions which are natural to it."  
The Art of the Dance

Duncan dance is a unique dance form through which a child can develop physical co-ordination, musicality and freedom of expression. We believe that through dance children are more able to clarify their feelings and deepen their understanding of themselves, others and the world we live in. 

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