Duncan Dance in the Community

Barbara Kane and the Isadora Duncan Dance Group 

    Duncan Dance in the Community

Since 1994 the IDDG has been involved in projects which bring Duncan Dance into the community, the world of people who often aren’t given the chance to explore their physical expression through dance. 

We have shared the beauty and expressive profound simplicity of what is natural, with children, adults, elders, people who have had mental health challenges/distress, people youngest and older, people who have been institutionalised for not fitting in, refugee Elders and their grandchildren, with people who have dreams and a need to express their hopes and their worries/fears as well as the daily memory of a yesterday, today or tomorrow. 
Dance can always bring newness. Duncan dance is always looking at the newness of each dancing self even in the simplest gesture, smile, and sparkle of an eye. The dance of life and being, well feeling and confidant expression. Releasing the undefined knowing and the natural anti-depressants, enjoying the very moment – that very moment when you understand – even if you can’t or aren’t able to put words to it.

Dance is for everyone
  • I lifted my arm and then the tremors – oh if only the tremors would cease – but I did lift myself
  • In my dream I reached up and was at the top – not sure where but it was the top – there were rainbow colours and I bowed down
  • Found that I had a purple scarf all feathery – pulled it to my face and let it go – my hands followed.
  • Sitting with a dream almost asleep moving within
  • My hands seemed to speak for me as they moved to the music
(Due to the vulnerability of participants in these sessions we are not able to include photos).

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