Barbara Kane

Photo of Barbara Kane by Anne McBroom – Vermont, USA

Barbara Kane discovered the Dance of Isadora Duncan in 1968 via Irma Duncan’s technique booklet.

Barbara then found and studied with Lillian Rosenberg 1969 to 1974 and then with Julia Levien 1976 to 1998 and Hortense Kooluris 1976 to 1991. Performing with the Isadora Duncan Centenary Dance Company 1976 to 1979. From 1976 to 1979 Barbara was also performing with Linda Elkin, Wendy Smith other pupils of Lillian Rosenberg (Wellspring – a Duncan Dance Consort). In 1979 Barbara moved to England and in 1985 set up the Isadora Duncan Dance Group based in Gent, Belgium, Paris and London with the support of Jetty Roels and Francoise Rageau.

Barbara had a curiosity for all Duncan Dance developments in Europe and sought out and took classes with pupils of Lisa Duncan (Madeleine Lytton and Odile Pyros), with pupils of the Elizabeth Duncan School (Lucia Burkiczak, Yvonne Berge, Hannelore Schickt and Eva Blatsizkova (of the Prague Duncan Centre). In 1990/91 Barbara had the privilege of learning from Isadora and Irma Duncan’s Moscow pupil Maria Myskovskaya (Mussia) and from 1991-1995 the pleasure of learning from Lily Dykovskaya and Elena Terentieva (also of the Duncan School Moscow).

Barbara’s performing group ‘Isadora Duncan Dance Group’ (IDDG) was formed as a group to perform only the group dances of Isadora Duncan based on the principle of working in a harmony as a group. IDDG continues with this principle. Barbara has created many group works that accompany Isadora Duncan’s creations: Orpheus/Iphigenia en Aulide and Tauride and Barbara’s own creations in the Duncan Dance style. Barbara is presently working on a group piece about Rhoda from Virginia Wolf’s ‘The Waves’.

Barbara has always felt that Duncan Dance belongs in the community and throughout her career has included Duncan classes for Adults and children with and without disabilities; teaching in Nursing homes/sheltered housing units/children’s centres/youth group centres/in schools throughout London and elsewhere.

Barbara has retired as a performer but continues to teach and coach others in the Dance of Isadora Duncan.

Recent teaching includes:
Elders Dance
Improvisation with Entelechy Arts (adults with profound physical and sensory disabilities)
Duncan Dance classes for children and adults throughout Europe, USA and Japan.

Jesse and Barbara 21st century T Dance – Entelechy Arts –photo by Roswitha Cheshire

Children and Adult class Duncan Centre Athens June 2013 photo by Minna Haukka

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