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*** [2021] Celebrating #Publications_Century (100+) including many TOP_RANKED Journals (Q1) and Conferences (A*/A)                          [i10-index = 38+, Citations =1100+]

*** [2021] Paper [Bengali Text Document Categorization based on Very Deep Convolution Neural Networkis now available online, published in the journal "Expert Systems With Applications" [Elsevier, Q1, IF = 6.95, CiteScore = 12.7].

 *** [2021] Paper  [A Systematic Review on the Use of AI and ML for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic] is now available online, published in the Journal "IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence", IEEE, USA.

 *** [2021] Paper (Sarker et al.) [CyberLearning: Effectiveness Analysis of Machine Learning Security Modeling to Detect Cyber-Anomalies and Multi-Attacks] published in the journal "Internet of Things (IoT): Engineering Cyber-Physical Human Systems" [Elsevier, ScienceDirect].

 *** [2021] Paper [Active Vision-based Attention Monitoring System for Non-Distracted Driving] has been published in the Journal "IEEE Access", IEEE, USA [SCI, WoS, IF=3.74, RankQ1]

 *** [2020] Position 1st [Top 15 Researchers of CUET, 2020, According to SCOPUS List]

 *** [2020] Conceptual Paper (Sarker et al.) [AI-Driven Cybersecurity] published by Springer is available online.

 *** [2020] Conceptual Paper (Sarker et al.) [Cybersecurity Data Science: An Overview from Machine Learning Perspective] (29 pages) published in the "Journal of Big Data", Springer Nature, UK [SCImago, Rank: Q1]

 *** [2020] Paper (Sarker et al.) [ABC-RuleMiner: A Rule-based Machine Learning Method] in the "Journal of Network and Computer Applications", Elsevier, USA (SCI, WoS) [Q1, IF: 6.28, CiteScore: 14.5]

 *** [2020] Survey Paper (Sarker et al.) [Mobile Data Science and Intelligent Apps: Concepts, AI-based Modeling, and Research Directions] "Journal of  "Mobile Networks and Applications", Springer, Netherlands (SCI, WoS) [IF: 3.4]

 *** [2020] Survey Paper [A Survey of Context-Aware Access Control Mechanisms for Cloud and Fog Networks: Taxonomy and Open Research Issues] published in the Journal "Sensors", Switzerland (SCI, WoS) [Q1, IF: 3.57]

 *** [2020] Paper (Sarker et al.) published in  "The Computer Journal - Section C: Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics"  Publisher: Oxford University Press, UK (SCI, WoS) [A Pioneer Journal in Computer Science [1958 - now]

 *** [2019] Paper (Sarker et al.) [BehavDT: A Behavioral Decision Tree Learning to Build User-Centric Context-Aware Predictive Model] published in the Journal "Mobile Networks and Applications", Springer, Netherlands (SCI, WoS) [Q1, IF: 3.4]

 *** [2019] Survey paper (Sarker et al.) [Context-Aware Rule Learning from Smartphone Data: Survey, Challenges and Future Directions] published (25 pages) in the "Journal of Big Data", Springer Nature, UK [SCImago, Q1] [CiteScore: 10.60].

 *** [2019] Paper (Sarker et al.) published in the journal "Internet of Things (IoT): Engineering Cyber-Physical Human Systems" [Elsevier, ScienceDirect].

 *** [2019] Paper (Sarker et al.) published (28 pages) in the "Journal of Big Data", Springer Nature, UK [SCImago, Rank: Q1] [CiteScore: 10.60].

*** [2019] Paper (Sarker et al.) published in the Journal "AI and Society", Springer, Germany. [Q1, WoS] 

 *** [2019] Paper (Sarker et al.) [RecencyMiner: Mining Recency-based Personalized Behavior from Contextual Smartphone Data] published (21 pages) in the "Journal of Big Data", Springer Nature, UK [SCImago, Rank: Q1] [CiteScore: 10.60].

 *** [2018] Paper (Sarker et al.) published in the book "Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Springer", [PAKDD 2018 – The 22nd Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Melbourne, Australia. (Core Rank:  A)]. 

 *** [2018] My Ph.D. work (Sarker et al.) has been accepted in the eleventh PerCom Ph.D. Forum 2018 – IEEE 16th International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, Athens, Greece. IEEE Computer Society (Core Rank:  A*). [Got "Strong Acceptance" from all the 4 reviewers]

 *** [2017] Paper (Sarker et al.) accepted in MobiQuitous 2017 – 14th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services, Melbourne, Australia, ACM. (Core Rank -  A)

 *** [2017] Journal (Sarker et al.) paper published (The Computer Journal - 'Section C: Computational Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics') Publisher: Oxford University Press, UK (SCI, WoS[A Pioneer Journal in Computer Science [1958 - now] (ERA Rank: A*)[IF: 1.07]

 *** [2017] Paper accepted for ACM student research competition (Sponsored by Microsoft Research), Mobile Software Engineering and Systems, Buenos aires, Argentina.

 *** [2016] Received IEEE award (Given by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society), IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (IEEE DSAA), Montreal, Canada. 

[About Myself]

Dr. Iqbal H. Sarker (Full Name: Dr. Md. Iqbal Hasan Sarker) received his Ph.D. under the department of Computer Science and Software Engineering from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia in 2018. Before that, he completed his Bachelor's degree (B.Sc. Engineering) and Master degree's (M.Sc. Engineering) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Bangladesh. Now he is working as a Faculty Member of the department of CSE, CUET. 

My Professional and Research Interests Include:

  • Data Science and Advanced/Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI-Driven Computing, Rule-based Modeling, NLP
  • AI/ML/Data-Driven Cybersecurity Analytics, Attacks/Anomaly Detection, Cyber-Threat/Security Intelligence
  • IoT/Smartcities/Mobile Data Analytics and Context-Aware Computing
  • Human-Centric Computing, Personalization, Human-factors in Computing
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and Intelligent Systems

I have a number of peer-reviewed publications (Journal and Conference) in the combination of these areas. You may also find some of my papers @ DBLP (Computer Science Bibliography) or Google Scholar or Research Gate or Academia or Scopus Database or ORCID.

[Country Visited]

  • Australia, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh