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Automated Testing  
  and Quality-Control

                             i-TESTING  SYSTEMS

      High performance Product Testing and Automated Inspection facilities can now be efficiently and reliably implemented, using the  i-TESTING  SYSTEMS  for: Quality Control, NDT Analysis, Precision Gaging and Process Monitoring functions.
     These advanced  i-Testing and Inspection Monitoring Systems can integrate accurate product functional and dimensional measurements

with statistical Process Control, -for on-line Automation and Quality Control/Auditing operations.  
   -The i-Testing Systems can be configured for specific manufacturing/ process and machining or fabrication applications, including automated systems for Product: 
-Functional Testing     -Process Q/C   -Classification/Sorting 

      - with Statistical Quality trends and NDT/FME analysis & reporting,

      - plus In-Process Production/Inventory Control and Management.
    These i-Testing Systems integrate reliable/rugged PC Computers with precision electronic transducers  and/or  vision/optical sensors for high-resolution dimensional measurements, plus state-of-the-art statistical process analysis and real-time process/ manufacturing feed-back over in-plant/WiMx networks for: - -dynamic production monitoring, adaptive quality-control and/or operational surveillance.

     - Dedicated applications of the i-Test Systems can  encompass special

configurations for functional testing of major Products, including:

                     COMMERCIAL   -   CONSUMER   -    INDUSTRIAL   -   DEFENSE::

               Electronics          TV/Displays          Automation         Intelligence

               Computers          MobileVldeo        SPC/Controls    Security/Energy



                     AUTOMOTIVE      -      AEROSPACE      -     TRANSPORT:


                      Engines             Steering          Brakes        ID/Tracking  

                   PowerTrain         Guidance        Climate         Efficiency

                  Suspension       Nav/Control      iMedia           Vibration

     - Featuring flexible product Handling, Fixturing and Robotics options,

the i-Testing Systems incorporate rugged PC/Computer Controllers with modular Analog & Digital input/output and Image Processor sub-systems, plus: -GUI/Operator LCD Displays and Broadband/WAN Networks, for quality control and process monitoring.
i-Testing Systems: Modular Features -

     - Automatic Functional Measurements with: Quality Analysis & Statistical
         Process Control plus remote GUI graphic Displays and operator Interfaces. 
      - Flexible Manufacturing Inspection/Test Stations and Fixturing with Robotics 
        Options for  Automated hi-volume thruput
  - Production Dimensional Limit Checking, with variable High, Low or Sigma
         Ranges, Programmed thru Touch-Screen entry or in-plant/WAN Networks.
      - Accept and Reject Material Handling, -for Product Classification, Sorting or
        Labeling, -and real-time Automated Process Control.

  - Machine-Tool and Process Feed-Back Control, over local/WAN Networks  for
         adaptive SPC Control and on-line Production Correlation.
      - Integrated Electronic Transducers or Vision/Optical and Ultrasonic 
        with Automatic Calibration and Scaling Capabilities.

  - Compatibility with Automated or Manual Sensors/Transponders and Laser/
        Vision Systems, and Portable/Hand-held Terminals for Mobile Networking. 
      - Universal Sensor Interface options for: -Dimensions/Gaging, Proximity, Force,
        Pressure, Temp., Flow, Speed, Acceleration, Vibration, Sonics and Imaging.   
      - Industrial PC/Computers using High-Precision/Reliable Systems Architecture  
        with Network Operability for Process Quality Control and Statistical Analysis.
      - Modular Inspection Systems for ease of Expandability, Product Adaptability,
        Automation Implementation and LAN/WiMx Network Communications.

   With these Test Systems, truly dependable Product Testing, Automatic Inspection  or NDT 
& Gaging Systems can be practically achieved; using state-of-art technology with precision functional, dimensional or structural  measurements, - - for accurate Statistical Process Control, Production/Quality Monitoring and RFID Tracking.
    Custom engineering, automation design and process implementation services are also offered for the development of specialized Product Testing, Inspection or In-line Gaging Systems, including: - fixturing, flexible cells, transducers, controls and/or material handling and

robotics facilities. 

  - Contact  I / SYSTEMS for reference specifications, or an evaluation of potential Automatic Testing System requirements: 

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