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 - Vehicle Power-Train Test  Systems:
  -The I / SYSTEMS  Vehicle Engine & Transmission Testing Systems

are now offered for: -Performance Testing, Diagnostics/Analysis or Automated Control and Supervisory Monitoring/Tracking of automotive, commercial or industrial vehicle PowerTrains; and provides major improvements in service inspection and maintenance operations.
These Engine & Transmission Test Systems automatically analyze power-train operating characteristics and logically discern if performance is within functional specifications; and provide English-language diagnostics and display messages to indicate critical operating measurements and probable maintenance procedures for
improving vehicle performance.   

    The portable, highly reliable Mobile Vehicle Monitoring Systems are designed for Adaptive/Intelligent Analysis, Inspection/Testing and Diagnosis of both Engine and  Transmission performance and durability parameters for:  automotive, truck or off-road vehicles, including applications for: 
& Braking        Power-Train Dynamics       Service/Failure Tracking
   Engine/Trans Optimizing      Shift Controls
 & Timing       Emissions/On-Line DAS

     These powerful/analytical Vehicle Test Systems  now permit analysis

of of major engine and transmission functions, monitoring of specified operating characteristics and diagnosis of /performance and emissions  variances.   Multiple vehicle system functions can be tested and diagnosed, including: engine performance and transmission operation, dynamic shifting characteristics and electrical controls or emissions

     These modular Mobile Test
 & Monitoring Systems feature a powerful PC/Micro-Processor sub-system with integral Graphic Data-Display and Printer options, plus: A/D, DAS and R.F. Networking; - with plug-in or clamp-on  Sensory I/O interfaces for Analog, Digital & Optic signals.   Imbedded software options also now facilitate real-time response for diagnostics/logic inferencing, statistical analysis and trend alarming,with performance optimization or DDC predictive feed-back options and remote/wireless network communications .   
    The Mobile Monitoring System's advanced MicroProcessor and System Software permit incorporation of: - - menu-driven A/I and Logical Algorithms and/or Expert Programming options to statistically monitor, optimize and diagnose operational parameters, to thereby enhance on-line vehicle performance, response and control functions; -relative to efficiency, maintenance and environmental specifications. 
     Interactive operator guidance features are included with these Mobile Monitoring Systems, incorporating dynamic GUI Touch-Screen Graphic Displays and expandable memory modules for engine/transmission  functional specifications and dynamic analysis,  including: - - diagnostic characteristics, operating parameters, trend/limit alarming and data storage/reduction; plus on-line data analysis and event recording options.

   -These reliable ASC Mobile Vehicle Monitoring Systems can now incorporate the following modular options:
PC/Pentium CPU & u-Power Logic        II.  Graphics/Video LCD Color Display
   Expandable Flash 
& Stick Memory               Touch / Pen Screen & Laser Printer
   Integral Micro-Disk Storage Option              Keyboard Options: Data/Menu Entry
   Adaptive A/I 
& Logistics Algorithms             HandHeld RF Terminal/Display Opt. 
   MultiSignal Analog/Digital Converter    III.  
Auto Sensors & Control Inputs/Output
   R-T Clock 
& 115 Vac or  Battery Pwr.           E/M, A/D,Vision, and Sonic Signals
& Wireless Networking Adapters           Network and Wireless Data/Controls

    -The ASC MOBILE MONITORING SYSTEMS are supported by extensive staff engineering services, as well as comprehensive libraries of object-oriented Software for evaluation and system programming, including: 
           Graphics Display / Monitoring          Engine & Transmission Control
           Analysis, Inspection
 & Testing          Performance Statistics and Q/C
           Diagnostics and Surveillance           R
           Adaptive Multi-Loop Control        
     A/I, DDC & Optimizing Controls
           Menu-Driven I/O Operations             
Remote/Mobile Communication
   -Support services and specifications for the Matrix Monitors are available from:
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