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 - Integral Performance / Testing  Systems -
 -The Integral Automotive Performance Testing Systems are now  offered for:


 -Performance Testing, Diagnostics/Analysis or Automated Control and Analytical Monitoring/Tracking of passenger, commercial or industrial vehicle Drive-Trains and operational systems; - to provide significant improvements in service andinspection or maintenance operations.

   The I/Systems Jntegral Performance Test Systems, automatically analyze Drive-Train and operating characteristics, to logically discern if performance is within functional specifications; and provide English-language diagnostics and display messages to indicate both critical operating measurements and probable maintenance procedures for improving vehicle performance. 
These portable, highly reliable Mobile Vehicle Monitoring Systems are designed for Adaptive/Intelligent Analysis, Inspection/Testing & Diagnosis of both Engine, Transmission and Differential performance and durability parameters for:  automotive, truck or off-road vehicles, including multiple

applications for:
  Speed/Accel. and  Braking        Power-Train Dynamics           Service/Failure Tracking
  Engine/Trans Optimizing           Shift Controls
 & Timing          Calibration/Maintenance
    These powerful/analytical Integral Test Systems  now permit analysis of of major engine and transmission functions, monitoring of specified operating characteristics and diagnosis of /performance and emissions  variances.  Multiple vehicle system functions can be tested and diagnosed, including: engine and transmission operation/performance, dynamic shifting characteristics and electrical controls, or driving and service parameters. 

     -The modular Integrated Test
 & Monitoring Systems feature a powerful PC/Micro-Processor sub-system with integral Graphic Data-Display and Printer options, plus: A/D, DAS and R.F. Networking; - with plug-in or clamp-on  Sensory I/O interfaces for Analog, Digital & Optic signals.   Imbedded software options also now facilitate real-time response for diagnostics/logic inferencing, statistical analysis and trend alarming,with performance optimization or DDC predictive feed-back options and remote/wireless network communications .   

    -These Systems utilize plug-in Adapters, precise Sensors and storage Modules for monitoring/testing specific Engine /Transmission functions and parameters, for:
  -Drive & Shift Tests: Up/Dwn./Rev.            -Electronics and RPM/Speed/Timing
  -Converter, Torque
 & Vacumn/Pres.           -Throttle/Ranges & Temp./Sonic/Vib.
     The I/Systems Mobile Monitoring System's advanced MicroProcessor and System Software permit incorporation of: - - menu-driven A/I and Logical Algorithms and/or Expert Programming options to statistically monitor, optimize and diagnose operational parameters, to thereby enhance on-line vehicle performance, response and control functions; -relative to efficiency, maintenance and environmental specifications. 

    -Interactive operator guidance features are included with these Mobile Monitoring Systems, incorporating dynamic GUI Touch-Screen Graphic Displays and expansion Memory Modules for engine/transmission  functional specifications and dynamic analysis,  including: - - diagnostic characteristics, operating parameters, trend/limit alarming and data storage/reduction, plus on-line data analysis and event recording. 

    -These reliable I/Systems Mobile Integral  Monitoring Systems can now incorporate the following modular options:


 I. PC/ix-Core CPU & u-Power Logic      II. Graphics/Data LCD Color Display
   Expandable Flash 
& Stick Memory                Touch / Pen Screen & Laser Printer
   Integral Micro-Disk Storage Option               Keyboard Options: Data/Menu Entry
   Adaptive A/I 
& Logistics Algorithms              HandHeld RF Terminal/LCD Option 
   MultiSignal Analog/Digital Converter  
III. DAS Sensors and I/O Controllers
   R-T Clock 
& 115 Vac or  Battery Pwr.            A/D: E/M,Vision, and Sonic Signals
& Wireless Networking Adapters            R.F./Network Monitoring & Control

    -The I/Systems  INTEGRAL MONITORING SYSTEMS are supported by extensive staff Technical/Engineering services, as well as comprehensive libraries of object-oriented Software for monitoring or testing evaluation and system programming, from:

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