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The Great Allentown Comic Con
We will be appearing as guests Saturday November 16th at Merchants Square Mall, Allentown Pa. The Great Allentown Comic Con is the valley's largest comic & pop culture convention. Hope to see you there!

Recent Quote

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"Interplanetary Lizards" is grounded in a classic 1990's comic book series and graphic novel from our client, Leadbelly productions, and is archetypal. The property is a high concept mash up of: The Fugitive getaway, meeting the characters from the Star Wars bar, with the heroic's of the Magnificent Seven. All done with a sense of humor...and an endless universe of characters and derivative storylines. This is a real franchise.
-Ken Markman
KKM Brands

The Complete Saga Now Available

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Now available, The Complete Saga.

Published by Dusk Comics.

3D animated trailer completed

posted Oct 5, 2012, 1:48 PM by Glenn Boyd

On Monday October 8th in Cannes, France the completed 3D animated trailer for Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains will be shown. A great job by team Digitales.

More info to follow soon...

Older News

posted Oct 5, 2012, 1:45 PM by Glenn Boyd

Begin discussions with sub-agents in India.

Began discussions with Cosmic Forces, remanants of Sony Imageworks for a possible feature film.

The Animatics have arrived for review! The final 3D character renderings are completed.

The initial  musical track for the animation is laid down.

The animation trailer background art and storyboards are ready.

The initial 3d animated character models from Digitales Studios are ready.

Began discussions with Michael Maurer, a veteran writer for animated cartoons to discuss his interest in becoming involved with the series.

Started discussions with Ken Makman of KKM Brands to represent Interplanetary Lizards. Ken is an experienced and well respected licensing in L.A. having represented over 450 films from E.T. to Avatar.

Interplanetary Lizards E-Books are launched worldwide thru Cloud9 Comix. Available for I-Pad and on Android.
Cloud 9 Comix

Leadbelly Productions has entered into a licensing agreement with Dusk Comics to publish the entire comic book series as a graphic novel.

Leadbelly Productions has entered into a licensing agreement with Cloud9 Comix to release the original Interplanetary Lizard comic book series as an E-Book for I-pad and Android

Digitales Studios is creating a 3D animated trailer for the Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains, and a series is in negotiations.

Leadbelly Productions has signed Jim Bell of J2 Licensing as the worldwide licensing agent for the “Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains” and all of Leadbelly’s properties. Jim has represented major properties such as WWE, O.C.C.,and the Muppets.

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