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Story Episodes

Issue #0 - “Blood, Guts & Broccoli, The Origin of
the Lizards”
On the planet Scalia, The Lizards are going about
their separate lives unaware that fate will soon bring
them together. Brothar, the son of a farmer works
on the family farm. Thag, has emerged as the most
popular gladiator and undisputed champion in the
arena games. Portemus is a professor at the local
university. As destiny would dictate, they all arrive
together at the train station. A strange ship appears
in the sky and despite their efforts to flea the Lizards
are captured. They find themselves imprisoned on
an Intergalactic Zoo Ship filled with many dangerous
and bizarre creatures. They soon make the
acquaintance of Tiberious Toad and his crony Rak.
They are double crossed by the Toad and find
themselves facing heavily armed robotic guards.
The Toad and Rak make their way to a secure room
and a time traveling ship, The Probe. As the Lizards
look for the Toad to confront him, Brothar
accidentally causes the Zoo Ship to enter the
atmosphere of a small blue world that it was

Issue #1 - “Taking the Earth by Storm”
The sky is filled with a blinding light as a huge
spaceship crashes into the Texas desert. The year
is 1850. All manner of alien creatures are released,
some perish but others survive. Three of the
survivors, the Lizards, make their way to the humble
homestead of Morris J. Hoover. Since losing his
arm to a grizzly in ‘38, this one time gunslinger
mostly slings a bottle now. As fate would have it
these unlikely beings become friends. Morris
teaches the boys the fine art of gun slinging and the
ways of the old west. One evening the peace of the
ranch is shattered by a notorious land baron,
Morpius Dark. Once again, Morris finds himself
defending his oil rich land, but this time Morris has a
secret weapon - The Lizards!

Issue #2 - “The Time Probe”
The Lizards venture into the Texas desert in
search of the Time Probe, and a way home. They
find the Probe being repaired by a small threearmed
alien mechanic named Willibeet. Willibeet
sends the trio to Dark Springs to talk to “The Boss”,
Tiberious Toad. The Toad makes it clear that there
is no room for any of them in his diabolical
plan. The toad sentences the lizards to
death. Willibeet soon realizes the Toad’s evil nature
and with not a second to spare, he rescues the
Lizards in the Time Probe. As Tumbleweed bumps
the control lever and our hero’s are catapulted off

Issue #3 - “The Dark Ages”
As the Time Probe comes to a stop the Lizards
are greeted by an unearthly scream. They look out
to see a castle perched high upon a hill. They soon
arrive at the Castle Vlak, occupied by the creepy
Baron Von Boris. Accepting dinner and a room, the
trio soon start to realize that they are the prisoners
of their strange host. Looking out the window they
see Willibeet and The Probe being hauled into the
castle. The Lizards escape and free Willibeet. They
board the probe and return to Texas 1850 only to
find the grave of their friend, Morris Hoover, who
appears to have been killed by the Toad.

Issue #4 - “Golgak the Invincible”
Texas 1860. With Morris dead and no weapons,
the Lizards set out in search of weapons. Returning
to the ranch, the Lizards plan their next move. They
are unknowingly being watched by Tiberious Toad,
who has become more powerful in the last
decade. Activating his greatest creation, Golgak, he
goes in search of the Lizards. The Lizards stumble
upon a Time Probe that the Toad is building from
parts salvaged at the crash site. The Toad
challenges the Lizards to a gunfight with
Golgak. The Toad’s factory explodes and the trio
escape to the Time Probe blasting away into the
Texas sky.

Issue #5 - “Poor Morris, Dead and Gone”
Escaping Tiberious Toad and his ultimate
gunslinger, Golgak, the Lizards attempt to return to
Texas 1850. They hope to arrive far enough back in
time to rescue Morris before he is killed by Tiberious
Toad. The trio heads to Black Springs to find the
Toad, and hopefully Morris, alive!
As the Lizards continue on their quest to find their
mentor they also continue searching for The Probe,
their only way home, only to find it and their friend,
Willibeet, missing.

Issue #6 - “ Pick on Someone Your Own Size”
Back at the ranch, the Lizards return to find their
evil twins. The evil Lizards have captured Willibeet
and the Time Probe.
The trio board The Probe as prisoners of their mirror
images. The evil Lizards have been pilfering across
the galaxy and are being pursued by the Moorgs. In
a desperate attempt to escape, Willibeet pushes
buttons catapulting them deep into the jungle of an
earthlike planet. Before they become lunch, they
must escape from the clutches of a forgotten tribe of
tiny cannibals. They manage to escape boarding
The Probe and launching into space narrowly
missing the Moorg Mark 2 Battleship Cruiser.

Issue # 7 - “Let the Games Begin”
Aboard the Time Probe heading for home the
Lizards are sucked into a “dark grey hole” and
transported to a strange planet light years away.
They are sucked into a subterranean world whose
sole occupation is shipping. Tagged, bagged,
sorted, our heroes are loaded into a comet for
shipping. While in transit they are captured by their
dreaded enemies, the Moorgs. Only this time the
battleship is commanded by Tiberious Toad! They
are soon forced to take part in the arena games as
gladiators. Only by defeating such adversaries as
the Hungus Hoogalis and Barsipius Rex can they
win their freedom.

Issue # 8 - “Big Beard and Pieces of Eight”
In another failed attempt to return home in the
malfunctioning Time Probe, the Lizards are
catapulted back in time to the year 1650. Landing
on a deserted shoreline they discover a treasure
chest overflowing with riches. Their excitement is
soon shattered by the appearance of Big Beard the
pirate and his crew. Captured and brought aboard
the ship they are forced into slavery along with
Elvis. Rattler initiates a mutiny and the trio are
recaptured and forced to walk the plank. As Big
Beard is snatched off the deck by a giant squid the
Lizards make their harrowing escape back to the
island, only to find Big Beard returning from the
ocean depths to seek revenge.

Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains -
Additional Story Concepts.

“Who is that Mysterious Stranger”
The recent peace in Black Springs is threatened
when a mysterious stranger suddenly begins to
appear around town. At first the Lizards only catch
brief glimpses of the hooded figure as he seems to
appear out of nowhere. Speculation and fear among
the residents grow as to who he is and why he’s
there. Soon he begins to appear simultaneously and
delivers baffling messages to the Lizards before
quickly vanishing. Who is he? What does he
want? Speculation runs rampant, is he a demon, an
outlaw, an alien? How does he appear in so many
places at once? The Lizards soon learn the
answer. There is not one but 7 strangers,
appearing at once to challenge the Lizards to a

“Where’s the Beef?”
The town of Black Springs slowly begin to starve
as all the cattle mysteriously disappears in the night.
Everyone’s that is except for Tiberious Toad’s,
whose secluded cattle ranch is thriving. Being the
only game in town he commands astronomical
prices for his beef, and soon acquires all the
residents money. The Lizards soon learn that a
giant carnivorous worm is being lured to cattle
pastures at night by the Toad’s piano playing to
devour the cows. Can the Lizards stop it before it’s
too late?

“The Great Wasteland”
Willibeet thinks that by acquiring one specific part
He can repair the Time Probe and get them all
home. They travel to the 21st century in search of
this part He believes may be inside television sets.
Before removing the part however, he tries the
device and soon becomes hooked on soap operas.
A feud develops between Willibeet and Rattler as he
refuses to disable the TV to acquire the part.

“Bountiful Reptiles”
Tired of the Lizards meddling in his plans,
Tiberious Toad places a price on their heads. This
bounty draws all manner of nasty mercenaries to
Black Springs to kill the Lizards and collect their just
reward. The most deadly of these is Klad, the
Indestructible. He is an armor plated warrior with
limitless weapons at his disposal. Just as it looks as
if the Lizards will meet their doom at the hands of
Klad, Golgak appears. He is jealous of Klad,
because he wants to be the one who finally defeats
the Lizards. This leads to Golgak helping the
Lizards defeat Klad.
“Sand Blasted”
Tiberious Toad concocts another devious plan to
increase his wealth and power. Disguising Golgak
as a desert Deity he manufactures artificial
sandstorms to plague the town. He extracts the
resident’s money by convincing them that offerings
of gold is the only way to pacify the Gods.

“Old Friends”
One dark and stormy night some outlaw friends
from Morris’ past show up at his doorstep. He has
not seen these guys since he lost his shooting arm
to that Grizzly bear in ‘38. After some drinks their
true purpose for the visit becomes clear. They have
planned a series of Train robberies but wish to
insure their success by acquiring some of the
powerful alien weaponry available in Black Springs
since the crash, and want Morris’ help to do so.

“Night of the Gobblers“
The town is in a panic because of the news that a
swarm of mutant locusts have devastated the entire
states of Oklahoma and have been spotted making
their way towards Black Springs. Devouring
everything in their path they soon appear on the
horizon heading straight towards town. But as they
approach the swarm mysteriously disappears. The
town’s residents breathe a sigh of relief only to learn
that an even hungrier and deadlier threat
looms…ravenous Gobblers! Can the Lizards save
the town from becoming their next meal?

“The Re-Awakening”
The Lizards are summoned to the town
of Comeback, Arizona where a new species of
alien outlaws are attempting to take control of the
town. After the Lizards defeat this brazen gang of
outlaws the town buries them in the cemetery on
Cherokee Ridge. The next morning as the Lizards
awake and prepare to leave, so do the Outlaws!
Back from the dead the zombie desperados seek
their revenge.

“Farmer Ben’s Barn”
Farmer Ben is a well liked resident living on the
edge of town. All the townsfolk know him because of
his prized cheese which he makes in his barn. But
lately the town folk who venture out there and enter
his barn for the cheese never leave. It takes a while,
but eventually the dwindling population is noticed
and the lizards must solve the mystery.

“Little lizards”
Deep in his underground lair Tiberious Toad
develops a new “shrinking formula”. After calling a
truce and tricking the Lizards into drinking it, they
shrink to the size of the average earth lizard - 6
inches tall. The toad then puts them in a cage on
display for all to see. Now it is up the unlikely team
of Willibeet and Morris Hoover to save them.

“Acid Rain”
Unexplained burning rain begins to fall upon the
town on a daily basis. Soon the cause becomes
apparent. A race of giant jellyfish like aliens are
floating in the sky above Black Springs. The rain is
actually them peeing in the wind. As they begin
snatching residents from the earth with their giant
tentacles the Lizards must band together with the
Toad to defeat this common enemy.

“300 and a Dwarf”
In yet another failed attempt to return home in the
crippled Time Probe the Lizards are transported
back to ancient Greece where they are pursued by 300 
Spartans and a mean little dwarf. They make history
as Doc, Rattler, Tumbleweed, and Willibeet are able
to hold off the fierce attack and defeat all the warriors
except the dwarf, and narrowly escape with their lives.

“Little Big Doggie”
Tumbleweed finds an alien seed pod that hatches
into a cute little bugger that eats a lot. After days of
pestering he finally convinces Doc to let him keep it.
But soon it begins to grow a lot. And then becomes
mean and dangerous a lot, forcing the lizards to
come up with a solution.

“Old School”
Tiberious Toad uses huge worm-like creatures to
mine for silver in the foothills surrounding Dark
Springs. Unwittingly this activity unearths and
awakens a prehistoric creature from earth’s past.
The ensuing battle between these titans from
different galaxies threaten to destroy the entire
town. Can the Lizards stop them in time?

“Wanted Dead or Alive”
Passing by a farmhouse Tumbleweed is lured to
the window by the smell of a pie cooling in the
window. Suddenly a racket appears in the barn and
thieves make off with all the chickens. Scared by the
commotion Tumbleweed runs away and is
mistakenly accused of being the thief. He is
surprised as he begins to see his face on wanted
posters all over town. Upset because he thinks the
picture doesn’t look like him, he finds it difficult to
stay on the run, making the task of clearing his
name more difficult.

“Fire from Below”
Out of nowhere the town begins to experience
earthquakes and strange lightning. Investigations
reveal the cause in the nearby desert - a volcano!
But closer scrutiny identify the cause to really be
one of the partially submerged huge engines from
the crashed zoo ship. As the “volcano” begins to
erupt more violently the Lizards must descend into
the earth to stop the threat before it’s too late.

“Dr. Feel Really Good”
A traveling snake oil salesman rolls into town with
the latest gimmick, the “happiness modulator”. This
strange device emits soothing vibrations and turns
even the meanest hombre into a gentle,
compliant pussycat. All is well until the Doctors true
intentions become evident. He is tranquilizing the
town folk to use them as passive slave labor. His
plan is succeeding until all affected begin to develop
hang over like symptoms and have to call a slave
labor day off.

“The Spiders Web”
With Golgak the mechanical gunslinger in for
routine maintenance and out of action, The eight
legged alien “Spider Vic” takes his place in the
Toad’s quest to defeat the Lizards. Covering the
town with sticky webs the deranged arachnid draws
the Lizards out into the open for a showdown. The
Lizards soon find that they underestimated the
danger from the half dozen six shooters of the
aggravated arachnid.

“Deuces are Wild”
Passing by the saloon Tumbleweed is lured into a
high stakes poker game. Having no knowledge of
the rules He wins big by sheer dumb luck. The
prize? A talking dog-like alien pet of Big Frank
McNastic, the meanest outlaw in the west.
Tumbleweed tries to give the creature back but it
becomes attached to his new owner and won’t
leave. Now the Lizards must avoid the wrath of the
deadliest gunslinger ever to come to town as they
try to return the pet.

“Junkyard Dog”
Outside of town, at the scene of the crash site a
ramshackle junk yard springs up. This
establishment is owned and run by a large, mean
creature named Mutty. He defends his junk parts to
the death if necessary and is often unwilling to deal
with the Lizards and the Toad alike. In order to
secure needed materials and parts the Lizards and
the Toad form and unlikely alliance to deal with

“Legends of the West”
A hodgepodge group of famous western legends,
lawmen, and outlaws alike, begin to arrive in the
town of Black Springs. They all have a keen interest
in the crashed space ship whose story is now
spreading throughout the land. The weird part is that
many of these characters were supposed to have
been killed years ago. The Lizards must now
unravel the mystery of who they are and the real
reason they are here.