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    This discussion reviews alternative approaches for both the Support and     
 Maintenance of International Peacekeeping Operations.                                   
The comments will summarize appropriate recommendations and concepts 
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           GLOBAL  PEACE  OBJECTIVES        
   In order to foster World Peace objectives, it is desirable to dissemenate and adhere to Solutions and Incentives for the support of Justifable and     Ethical National and Global Relationships, that encompass the following:  
- The Propagation and Support of Equitable Democratic and Non-totalitarian Global Governance Initiatives.                                                                      
    - Direct reduction and attenuation of International Political Violence, Social    Discord, Global Strife and World Terrorism; for Peacekeeping enablement.
- Disempowerment and Disenfranchisement of Overtly Despotic, Militarily      Aggressive or Repressive Rulers and Authoritarian Governances.              
- Compulsory elimination and expulsion of Terrorist and Extremist Groups    
or Law-Violating Insurrectionists and Organizations .                                  
- Provision of Financial support and assistance for Socially, Economically or
      Governmentaly Repressed: National Cultures, Religions or Ethnic Groups.  
    - Creation and advancement of viable International Economic Development          Opportunities, emphasing proletariat liberalization, poverty reduction                 and equitable Public-Initiatives for Developing Countries.                                
- Fostering of Sustainable Third-World Development, with emphasis on both individual Civil Rights and equitable Social Justice, with Real-Property      
        entitlements, for the Economic Advancement of empoverished countries.  
    - Increasing PrivateSector Aid & Financing for Global Support of Agriculture,       Environmental and Infrastructure Improvements in developing nations.                                    
These Global Peacekeeping solutions should further mandate inclusion of the  following Concepts and Guidances.                                                                                                                                    
A. -Implementation of universal Social Justice, Ethical Guidance and              Peacekeeping Directives for the World's Governmental Authorities.            
   B. -Utilization of Globally Empowered Alliances to both ensure and enforce  
       compliance with Peacekeeping Imperatives; including implementation of         the following International procedures:                                                            
1. Non-Authoritarian Peace Diplomacy that permits only Justifable Defensive        Actions, if needed in response to overtly aggressive attacks.                          

2. Cooperative Peacekeeping and Governance Alliances, for both unified             International Defense and regional Insurrection Protection.                          
 3. Ethical and Moral Peace Initiatives and Proactive Defense Measures, to          facilitate support of Freedom, Justice and Sovernity.                                      
4. Acknowledging that Nations or Groups may not initiate Military Aggression,      Wars or Killings to settle their Grievances and Disputes.                                          
5. Rationalization of Mandkind's inherent short-comings and self-interest --or         deviseivness and materialism; --to represent a requisite world mandate             for international Oversight and truly just universal Governance.                            
In conclusion, these WORLD PEACE CONCEPTS are representative of valid Initiatives that can proactively foster the support and  maintenance of  Global  
Peacekeeping activities.                                                                                      

*** It is recommended that you also contribute alternative suggestions for the propagation of these principles and concepts or related pragmatic solutions,  
  ----for the unified support of WORLD PEACE.                                                            
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