5: Alnwick Baptist Church

An unassuming but vital home of worship for about 180 years
The Baptist Church occupies a tight corner site straight onto the pavement at the junction of two terraces, Lisburn Street and Upper Howick Street.
Humble as it may sound, this is a very neat and commendable bit of uniform townscape where church and houses are the same height, the same scale and the same materials. 
Alnwick Baptist Church was started in 1883 with a small group of Baptist Christians coming together to form their own fellowship. Initially the small congregation met in the old theatre in town but, from 1888, the Relief Church in Lisburn Street was rented temporarily at a cost of £25.00 per annum. The Lisburn Street premises were bought for £400.00 in 1900.
Throughout the 20th century ABC continued to meet at Lisburn Street, occasionally embarking on refurbishment projects.
For much of the time the church had part-time ministers, but in 1990 a full-time pastor was appointed. Since this time the congregation has grown steadily.
As a result many internal and external improvements have been made including strengthening the structure, improving the entrance and installing a stair lift to make safe, comfortable, welcoming premises for today's congregation.

Alnwick Baptist Church
Built in the 1830s as a Presbyterian chapel, the building is an exemplar of modesty and good townscape taste.

Service Times

10.30am Worship
1st Sunday of the month: Communion
3rd Sunday of the month: 7pm Communion