Welcome to Alnwick's Inspired Heritage!

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St Michael's Pant - one of several historic wells and drinking fountains around AlnwickA town trail spanning nearly 1,000 years of Christian heritage.
Alnwick is a great place to visit, with its Castle and Garden, Bailiffgate Museum and other places of interest.
But what of the ‘inspired heritage’ of Alnwick’s historic churches and places of worship?
Don’t they deserve a mention too? We think so!
That's why we have done a little digging around, found some stories and information - plus some photos - to introduce you to these places and offer some glimpses of their hidden histories.
Some are prominent buildings with towers or steeples, whilst others are tucked away in side streets.
So we have not just got a lot of Christian heritage in our town but much of it is of high historic and cultural value, reflecting so engagingly the wealth, schisms, aspirations and tastes of their period.  They deserve to be better recognised and, above all, better understood, enjoyed and protected. 
So, why not take a little time to explore Alnwick's Inspired Heritage - before you head for one of the town's great little cafes to rest your feet!
Click here to download a copy of the trail leaflet.
Please note that many of the buildings featured are not normally open to visitors outside of service times - check web pages for further details.