InnoBus: Main outputs and results

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InnoBus (Innovation and Business cooperation ENPI SE312) -project ended on 8th of July 2014. 

Project developed and promoted cross-border innovation and business cooperation in the following fields:
1) University cooperation 
2) Modernization and internationalization of companies 
3) Governmental eServices 

Actions of InnoBus were divided by these fields in Work Packages with addition of Project Management and Innovation Cooperation Promotion as their own work packages. All the actions in the framework of the project were aimed to improve and enlarge practical cross-border cooperation on regional levels based on previous experience. InnoBus partners included 2 administrative committees of City of St. Petersburg, 5 Russian universities, 3 Finnish universities, 3 business development companies and cross-border cooperation organization and e-service development company of city of St. Petersburg.

During the three-year-project several outputs were achieved according to project plan. Planned and realized outputs were as follows:
  1. Benchmarking research on University cooperation done
  2. 8 experts trained on fundraising services
  3. 4 workshops on fundraising issues organized
  4. 3 more services for Universities developed 
  5. University Network based on Social networks technology designed
  6. More than 3 issues on Finnish-Russian Innovation University newsletter published
  7. Knowledge database on University cooperation set up
  8. Benchmarking analyses on the internationalization of the businesses done
  9. Self-Assessment-Tool on Internationalization of business designed
  10. 8 experts trained on the internationalization issues
  11. 5 companies coached on the internationalization processes
  12. 10 companies supported to set up the internationalization plan
  13. Guidelines on the available funds for innovative companies collected and published 
  14. 1 alumni course with main subject Funding and 5 training courses that include portions about funding possibilities organized
  15. 2 competitions on cross-border innovation products and services supported
  16. Guidelines for IPR issues summarized and published
  17. 1 alumni course with main subject IPR and 5 training courses that indicate portions about funding possibilities organized
  18. 4 experts trained on IPR issues
  19. Virtual Help desk set up
  20. Benchmarking analysis on modernization issues done 
  21. Guidelines on Modernization development collected and published 
  22. International Conference on modernization issues participated/organized
  23. Self-Assessment-Tool on modernization of business designed
  24. 4 experts trained on modernization issues
  25. 4 companies consulted and coached on Modernization processes
  26. 2 plans to develop existing clusters made
  27. Research on governmental e-services needs 
  28. 2 road maps on governmental e-services development ( link to services: 
  29. 2 ERICO main offices set up
  30. 2 web-sites designed and supported ( &
  31. 1 EU-Russia Innovation Forum organized
  32. 2 cross-border Innovation Exhibitions organized
  33. 2 EU-Russia Innovation matching events organized 
For more information, please contact
Terhi Jantunen
tel. +358 40 530 5958

Events, feelings and experiences from InnoBus (video)

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Essential events, feelings and experiences from InnoBus - Innovation and Business Cooperation (ENPI) project 2011 - 2014.

Innovation and Business cooperation

Green-Tech Innovation Competition 2014

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Do you have an idea to fight climate change? Do you think you could improve the efficiency of industry? Do you know how to increase the availability of clean water? Do you think that you are able to conduct business globally with your idea? 

If so, the EU-Russia Innovation Forum  Innovation Competition is for you. Deliver your idea, get set to compete in the EU-Russia Innovation Forum and win a tailor made business trip to USA! Themes are:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cleantech
  • Green and Smart City
Read more about the innovation competition here:


Prepare a Business Presentation in English by using the Competition Tool where you can submit your idea. Participating is very simple and is done by filling out an application form.

Evaluation criteria:
  • What problem does your innovation solve?
  • Does your innovation have a commercial potential?
  • What would be an appropriate business model?
  • What is your innovation’s scalability?
  • Is it for local or global markets
Please, keep the presentation simple and understandable. Focus on business, not only technology. Click here to participate

Competition Finalists will receive unparalleled publicity as the Awarding Ceremony will take place at the 4th EU-Russian Innovation Forum on June, 2014.
Best innovation is awarded:
  • Business field trip to USA.
  • Investment opportunities worth of 20 000 euros with investment company LURECO Ltd
  • Business premises in Technopolis Lappeenranta where growth seeking hi-tech start-ups have enthusiastic environment. Business premises for the first year of operation will be delivered to the winner after establishment of the business in South Karelia.
  • Participation time is 1st March to 10th May 2014
  • Finalists will be published on May 16, 2014
  • Pitching to the Jury in Lappeenranta EU-Russian Innovation Forum session “Green Changers” on June 5. Jury meeting after the pitching
  • Awarding Ceremony on June 5, 2014 at EU-Russia Innovation Forum's Gala Dinner

More information about the innovation competition:

Arttu Laasonen
Lappeenranta University of Techology (LUT)
Research and Innovation Services
Tel. +358 500 626 848

Terhi Jantunen
Wirma Lappeenranta Oy
Tel. +358 40 530 5958

Grand Intro on the 20th of February introduced eTools for entrepreneurs

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By Terhi Jantunen, Project Manager of InnoBus (ENPI SE312 -project)

On the 20th of February 2014 the Grand Intro event of eTools for internationalization and modernization of cross-border companies was held in ITMO - University for Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg. The audience of about 40 people representing cross-border companies and organizations gathered together in premises of ITMO for learning about new eTools, discussion and international networking.

Ville Paasonen from Miktech Ltd. opened the event by welcoming all the participants to the interesting introducing event. Valentin Makarov from Russoft association gave through and wide focused presentation in the sphere of innovation and software development in Russia. He stated that Russia has taken the second place after India in global programming business. Russians have won many first prizes in software development and with inspiring now there has grown already impressive mass of programmers and the culture within software development is strong.

Terhi Jantunen from Wirma Lappeenranta Ltd. gave short presentation about awesome InnoBus project, which works actively in large field of cross-border innovation and business cooperation. She also invited all participants to join EU-Russia Innovation Forum next summer, 4-6 June in Lappeenranta.

Andrey Rybin and Andrey Ivanov from ITMO represented the first InnoBus eTool: Web-based self-assessment tool for the internationalization process of SMEs. Self-assessment tool includes virtual consultation service for promoting cross-border business. Ivanov showed online demo of the service. The idea is that using the service, companies get connected to the consultants in the system and get online solutions to their business challenges. Vivid discussion followed as some people from the public asked detailed questions how the service would work in reality and to be profitable.

Kimmo Haapea from Miktech Ltd. represented Progress tool, which is quite widely used tool to find out growth ambitious and encourage companies to develop and start growing the business. Within InnoBus project Progress tool has been translated in Russian and Mr Haapea has done four piloting cases for Russian SMEs. OOO Ekopromstroy was one of the piloting cases. The director Viktor Dmitriev introduced his company and told about experiences of Progress piloting. Based on the analysis Ekopromstroy appeared to be quite eager to grow. Encouraged by the Progress analysis they have started to accomplish plan to grow and employed an English speaking sales person to broaden market. Progress in Russian aroused interest among the public. Progress is high-level professional tool for business development, which is most useful when used with an expert.


Please find below presentations of the Grand Intro Event.

Grand Introducing event of InnoBus eTools for promoting cross-border businesses

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Warmly welcome to grand releasing ceremonial event of new internet based development tools for SME companies! The new two tools are focused on modernization and internationalization of SMEs.

Time and Place: February 20, 2014 at 13 – 17.30 in ITMO, address: St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya 4, conference hall
Moderators: Vesa Sorasahi, CEO / Miktech Oy and Andrei Rybin, Vice Rector, international affairs / ITMO State University 


The importance of systematic and continuous development of SME company, 
Valentin Makarov; president, RUSSOFT Association
InnoBus project; main idea, focuses and outcomes, 
Terhi Jantunen; project manager, Wirma Lappeenranta Oy

Web-based self-assessment tool for the internationalization process of SMEs, beta version, 
Andrei Rybin vice rector & Andrey Ivanov, IT specialist; ITMO State University

Questions and comments


Coffee break


Progress: Web-based tool for supporting systematic business development and modernization of SMEs; releasing of Progress Russia - version,
Kimmo Haapea; development manager, Miktech Oy


Questions and Comments

Conversation; the advantages and need for improvement of the tools for internationalization and modernization

Organization of the follow-up

Changes in the program may occur.

SLUSH 2013 - startup energy

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SLUSH 2013

SLUSH 2013 was held 13. - 14.11.2013 at Cable Factory, Helsinki. Slush is a fast grown two-day startup conference where startups from Northern Europe, Russia and beyond get together to meet the investors and media from around the world. Slush was arranged for the 6th time and with 5000 participants was totally sold out. Very tech-oriented event had interesting speeches and panels incl. cleantech and gaming issues as well as topics of more general nature. Cross-cutting nature of the event was seen in the field of the participants and speakers - ministers Jyrki Katainen and Ville Niinistö gave their speeches as well as former Nokia CEO Jorma Ollila and SuperCell's Ilkka Paananen. Innobus Team was also present at the event - listening about the latest trends and promoting the EU-Russia Innovation Forum 2014, where cleantech is one of the main themes. 

More about the event here:

Rubicon Forum - The 2nd Finnish–Russian Forum of investment and business opportunities

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Rubicon 2013

InnoBus took part in Rubicon Forum in the end of November in Helsinki. As shortening Rubicon states Russian business contacts Forum focused mainly on Russian companies. 
Big part of the programme was devoted to networking, which is essential for cooperation. Russian companies presented their experiences of functioning in Finland and start-ups were pitching their ideas to each others and Finnish experts. 

In the frames of Rubicon InnoBus promoted EU-Russia Innovation Forum, which will be organized in Lappeenranta in the beginning of next summer, 4-6 June 2014. The main themes of the EU-Russia Innovation Forum are Sustainable Energy EfficiencyCleantech and Green Growth in Practice, which include latest research and business cases in:

- Cleantech and energy efficiency
- Solar and wind energy, and bioenergy
- Water and waste management
- Nanotechnology
- Smart and green cities
- Arctic dimension.

Project Manager Terhi Jantunen was present at Rubicon Forum in 28th -29th of November held in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki. 

Rubicon Forum, Russian-Finnish investment event is known as an event where Russian companies and Finnish service providers and public sector organizations interested in attracting new businesses from Russia can network. Rubicon Forum offers very practical approach, useful information, maximum interactivity and a lot of valuable contacts.

Community entrepreneurship and strong startup trend in Berlin

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InnoBus took part in Start-up & city scene tourney in Berlin in September. Community entrepreneurship, strong start-up trend throughout the city, 24/7 lifestyle entrepreneurship, bottom-up development, starting with limited resources, were some of aspects to learn from the visit.

The main themes of the trip were bottom up development and especially entrepreneurship friendly environment of Berlin for startups. The aim was to understand what kind of surrounding and what kind of support Berlin provides to entrepreneurship, which creates large amount of startups. Bottom up development of a network has started with very limited resources with an idea strongly based on needs of environment or companies. Often it starts from individual passion to repair some grievance or defiency. We learnt to know development of Berlin Geekettes and Belius. The company visits targeted to young companies called Barcoo, Make a Startup, Ezeep, Urban Sport Club, Somewherehq and Orderbird.

Both network and startup development presentations the meaning of team and environment was found essential. Excellent team is utmost important for successful company. As Derk Marseilles, guide to startup -visits, summed up: ”People before an idea”. For example, cheap living and food cost in Berlin were mentioned as notable plus and easy going culture of starting a business and also closing a business. Public support was mainly financing for startups. Related to its high bureaucracy and slow presences were criticized.

Fresh ideas for innovation and business cooperation in St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

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The 6th Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum
provided InnoBus partners an impressive platform for broadening networks, enlarging sphere of dissemination of results and outcomes, opening up new aspects of global economy 
already third time. High qualified partners of multileveled focused massive ENPI project InnoBus got together in the frames of Forum and succeeded in picking up new ideas fertilizing accomplishment of project actions. Triple helix focus of InnoBus is targeting to universities, companies and public administrative services. These levels proved to be applicable together in multiple ways to produce innovative results. Company level approach together with university level gave birth to an idea to combine expertise to create new innovative services for university cooperation, in which commercialization of researching innovations is brought together with start-up training. Business promotion combines Russian ICT expertise with Finnish Business expertise to build future targeted tools to raise competitiveness of cross-border companies. Outstanding new electric tools for internationalization and modernization of companies are to be published in February 2014 in luscious event in St. Petersburg.

The main action of year 2014 is the 4th EU-Russia Innovation Forum in Lappeenranta Green Growth Economy 4-6 June 2014. The registration with special price was opened during St. Petersburg Forum. InnoBus is giving huge boost to this great event that is aiming to gather together impressive mass of high-level experts, academics, investors, companies, business actors to enjoy top-class programme divided into themes of Sustainable Energy Effiency and Green Growth in Practice. Hot topics of accelerating green growth are
Cleantech and energy effiency
Solar and wind energy, and bioenergy
Water and waste management
Smart and green cities
Arctic dimension.

Be tuned for more information in InnoBus site

FRIU newsletter: Save the dates for EU-Russia collaboration events

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FRIU newsletter provides information on events and other activities  organized within the WP2 of the Innobus project aiming at enlargement and improvement of cross-border university cooperation. In addition, below and in the right column you can find info on other upcoming events. 

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