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There are similar challenges and opportunities across the border for SME's, Universities and govermental actors in EU and Russia. Combining experts to find solutions for these existing challenges is the key idea behind InnoBus. InnoBus team consisting of several experts in the field of modernization, eBusiness, internationalization etc. works to find new solutions to overcome challenges in innovation and business cooperation. With help of 14 partner organisations, InnoBus aims at finding solutions to help innovative companies grow and go international, conventional companies to modernize their operations and universities to cooperate in R&D related issues in cross-border context. Governmental demand-driven eServices are also researched and piloted. 

By working together on these important matters InnoBus project strengthens and promotes  EU-Russia cross-border cooperation.

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  • InnoBus: Main outputs and results InnoBus (Innovation and Business cooperation ENPI SE312) -project ended on 8th of July 2014. Project developed and promoted cross-border innovation and business cooperation in the following fields:1) University cooperation 2) Modernization and internationalization of companies 3) Governmental eServices Actions of InnoBus were divided by these fields in Work Packages with addition of Project Management and Innovation Cooperation Promotion as their own work packages. All the actions in the framework of the project were aimed to improve and enlarge practical cross-border cooperation on regional levels based on previous experience. InnoBus partners included 2 administrative committees of City of St. Petersburg, 5 Russian universities, 3 Finnish universities, 3 business development companies and cross-border cooperation organization and e-service ...
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  • Events, feelings and experiences from InnoBus (video) Essential events, feelings and experiences from InnoBus - Innovation and Business Cooperation (ENPI) project 2011 - 2014.
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  • Green-Tech Innovation Competition 2014 Do you have an idea to fight climate change? Do you think you could improve the efficiency of industry? Do you know how to increase the availability of clean water? Do you think that you are able to conduct business globally with your idea? If so, the EU-Russia Innovation Forum  Innovation Competition is for you. Deliver your idea, get set to compete in the EU-Russia Innovation Forum and win a tailor made business trip to USA! Themes are:Energy EfficiencyCleantechGreen and Smart CityRead more about the innovation competition here: a Business Presentation in English by using the Competition Tool where you can submit your idea. Participating is ...
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  • Grand Intro on the 20th of February introduced eTools for entrepreneurs By Terhi Jantunen, Project Manager of InnoBus (ENPI SE312 -project)On the 20th of February 2014 the Grand Intro event of eTools for internationalization and modernization of cross-border companies was held in ITMO - University for Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in St. Petersburg. The audience of about 40 people representing cross-border companies and organizations gathered together in premises of ITMO for learning about new eTools, discussion and international networking. Ville Paasonen from Miktech Ltd. opened the event by welcoming all the participants to the interesting introducing event. Valentin Makarov from Russoft association gave through and wide focused presentation in the sphere of innovation and software development in Russia. He stated that Russia has taken the second place ...
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  • Grand Introducing event of InnoBus eTools for promoting cross-border businesses Warmly welcome to grand releasing ceremonial event of new internet based development tools for SME companies! The new two tools are focused on modernization and internationalization of SMEs.Time and Place: February 20, 2014 at 13 – 17.30 in ITMO, address: St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya 4, conference hallModerators: Vesa Sorasahi, CEO / Miktech Oy and Andrei Rybin, Vice Rector, international affairs / ITMO State University Program13:00–14:45     The importance of systematic and continuous development of SME company, Valentin Makarov; president, RUSSOFT Association                      InnoBus project; main idea, focuses and outcomes, Terhi Jantunen; project manager, Wirma Lappeenranta OyWeb-based self-assessment tool for the internationalization process of SMEs, beta version, Andrei Rybin vice rector & Andrey Ivanov, IT specialist; ITMO State ...
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