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                               Wireless  Network   Access                         
    AIR-Nettm offers wireless Smart Network Access Modules, using IEEE/R.F.
compatible communications, with secure I-P networklng, plus information and
                   control features, for intelligent:
                                                             Global Wi Networking           
                                                           Facility Control Systems
                                                         Enterprise Intelligence Nets
                                                      Automation/Process Monitoring
                        These efficient/wireless Smart Net Access Modules facilitate the dynamic
                    optimization of: - Automation systems, Process information, Intelligent facilities,
                    Energy usage, Power allocation and Services scheduling, in conjunction with:
                                                                Smart Monitoring
                                                               Facility Automation        
                                                               Security & Alarming
                                                              On-Line Surveillance
                          By providing both Businesses and Consumers with interactive remote access
                    to WiFi wireless monitoring & operational control parameters, these Smart Network
                    Access Modules can enable the implementation of hi-efficiency Intelligent Networks;
                    with remote IEEE/R.F. compatibility and optional WiMax/Gateway facilities, for long-
                    range LAN/Net communications.
                         The scope of monitoring and control functions available with these wireless
                    Network Access Modules include adaptive A/I algorithms for Process Efficiency
                     management, plus remote status-displays and two-way/networking operability,
                                        Smart Monitoring                            Digital Controls
                                      Thermostat Controls                        Demand Response
                                    E.Grid/Energy Sensors                     Peak Power Limiting
                                  Transformer/LoadMonitor                 Power Source Switching
                                        Remote Utilities/Automation              Grid Monitoring & Security
                            Individual pricing for these economical Network Access Modules starts from
                        under $100., subject to control options.
                            Typical IEC Industry Standard specifications and monitoring features included 
                        with these Network Access Modules are as follows:
                         COMM:    AMI: IEEE/ZB/R.F.             FUNCTIONS:    Intelligent Monitors        
                                         2-Way R/T 2.4 Ghz                                    Peak/Rate Response
                                         WiMx/Gateway Opt.                                   Programmed Options
                                                                                                          Real-Time Surveillance
                       POWER:     Smart Energy                                             Adaptive A/I  Algorithms
                                         Single or 3-Phase                                                                                       
                                                                                   E.PROFILE:     Identify, Basic, Time 
                        E-INPUT:   Battery Powered or                                                 SetPoints/Test/SetBack
                                           120/240/480 VAC                                     Demand Response/ Load
                      DISPLAY:  Power Status or Opt.                OPTIONS:     WiMx/NAN/Meter Gateways
                                           Graphic/ T-Display                                  Real-Time Rates & Demand
                                                                                                          Operations/ Power Analytics
                      PACK'G:    Water-Tight & Sealed                                   Analog / Digital I/O  Sensors
                                        NEMA/Mobile Encl.                                     SubStation/X'former Monitors
                                                                                                           Security / RFID Tracking/GPS
                                CSC also supports these Network Access Modules with a full complement of 
                        engineering and development solutions for the customized  configuration and
                        implementation of advanced wireless Network Monitoring and Control Systems. 
                            Please contact CSC for an evaluation of your specific requirements for Network
                      Access modules and controls or networking technologies, at:
                                                                CSC  Systems
                                                            E.Mail:     iCom@usa,com  
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