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 Intelligent  Mobile  Networkingy


             i/CARtm  COMPUTER 
               i/MAXtm DISPLAY / TABLET  PC -
                         - @ Smart TV -
    The advantages of Convergent / Mobility Technology,  for INTEGRATED:
Interactive Computing, i/Maxtm Displays and Smart TV, are now offered
with Vehicle and Automotive options in the i/MAXtm  PC Computer Systems,
 - featuring:   

       - Intelligence - Computing - Interactivity - Mobility -

- Automotive, Information, M/Media, Entertainment, Guidance -

Advanced Technology: INTEGRATED PC & Smart  iTV & 20"  LCD DISPLAY,

 - Featuring:

                                iDISPLAY:  20 inch  LCD / Hi-Res.

                                Options: 12" to 40"  LCD  Display

                                PROCESSOR:   AMD  Accel. APU

                                Options  m-Processor ix-Core CPU

                                COMPUTER MEMORY:  4 GB. RAM

                                HARD DISK DRIVE:  500 GB Internal

                                CAM, DVD A/V, Speakers & Mike Opts.

                                OPTIONAL:  DIGITAL TV TUNER / Rcv'r.

                                TV/Video, Music, Photo & Graphix Media

                                WiFi, USB, HDMI, A/V, COM  Interfaces

                                OPERATING SYSTEM:  Windows 8  (64)

                                Detached Keyboard and Mouse Options

                                Cell:  iPhone, iPad, Siri, Apps - Connectivity 
                                 12 VDC to 115 VAC Vehicle POWER Inverter
                                 Vehicle / Mobility System Implementation Opts.
                                 Networking:  Live TV, WebCAMs, Navigate, Sensors
                                i/CAR  COMPUTER:   System Pricing From      $480.



                                Touch / Gesture / Pen Screens

                                12" to 40" LCD / LED  iDISPLAYS

                                MULTI-PROCESSOR: i-Core CPUs

                                 O/System Opts.:  UNIX & Android

                                IMAGE / TEXT: Visual Magnifiers

                                 Portable C/Case or Swivel Mount
                                 Network Apps. & Software Support
                -  PRICES ARE NET of Applicable State Sales Tax.
                -  Specs subject to variance with Mfgr's suppliers.  
                -  Reference:   iCom at live dot com
                -  Any Returns must be Pre-Authorized & Approved
                    by the Seller prior to return, and are subject to costs
                    for inspection, repair / parts and shipping.


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