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Net Mobile


            AIR-Net  Systems

            . . . Intelligent   Network  Technology . . .


                            Net MOBILE
                                                       Intelligent Mobility / Networking 
     - Providing advanced Network and Mobility Technology, plus
 specialized Consulting services, with Enterprise Networking and 
              Communications support capabilities for: -  Business, Commerce,
              Institutional, Military and Industrial facilities.
                 -      - Featuring integrated Information / Communications Systems,
                   offering Networking and Operational Interactivity, for Enterprise I-T
                   facilities, incorporating Mobility Networks or Cloud Computing, with
                   optional  compatible UNIX / LINUX or Win-M  architectures, - for:
                  I.   MOBILE  ACCESS                                    III.   NETWORKING
                   II.   COMMUNICATIONS                                IV.   NET  SERVERS
                                         - COLLABORATIVE / BUSINESS NETWORKS -
                                                Major NET Systems: IBM, H P, CISCO
                 - BROAD-BAND  NETWORKS                        - SYSTEMS/ IMPLEMENTATION
                    WWWeb / Virtual Internet                            Design/Engineering, Security
                - MOBILITY: CELL & WiFi/Max                         - ENTERPRISE/CLOUD COMPUTING
                   Portable / H-Held Systems                            Distributed and Cloud Systems
                - VIDEO/iTV  BROADCASTING                         - NET SERVERS/ WORK-STATIONS
                      Media Servers/ TV Displays                            Graphics / Mobile T-Displays
                - SATELLITE/GPS NETWORKS                        - CLOUD NETS and SOFTWARE  
                     Mobile/ Vehicle/ GPS  Nets                              Systems DataB Management
                -  WIRELESS: LAN/WAN/WiMax                    -  NAS/V-M STORAGE & SERVERS 
                     Routers: Repeaters/Bridges                            Virtual Servers/BigData Nets
                   Net Mobile  provides Intelligent Solutions for Network Communications facilities
               and Information Technology operations, that incorporate:
                                                   Mobile Nets 
                                                  Data Storage
                                                 Touch Displays
                 Please contact ASC SYSTEM for Technology Support information, including:
                                                         Product Specifications 
                                                       Computer Configurations
                                                     Networking and Integration
                                                  Management/Financing Services 
                                         CSC  SYSTEMS
Information Technology products: Networking, Communications and Systems Support / Development