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                   MOBILE-ACTIVITYfm     INTELLIGENCE
               Activity / Monitoring  Systems
              i-Actionstm  Intelligence  and  Analytics  Systems
   Highly efficient MOBILE-ACTIVITYtm intelligence, Monitoring and
 Productivity Systems can be economically and flexibly implemented, using Air-Net'stm  Smart-iPhone A/I Analytics & Control  technologies,
 - Featuring global Networking for, -  real-time Performance and Behavioral:
    -  Analysis & Evaluation      or       Supervision & Optimization
    -  Individuals & Groups       or       Mobile & Remote Operations. 
    The advanced  Air-Nettm  i-Activitytm  Mobile Intelligence Systems now
integrate Smart-iPhone terminals with networked operational analysis,
statistical intelligence & remote supervision, plus adaptive optimization
 options, -for the automated on-line Monitoring, Analytics or Surveillance and Auditing of off-site personnel, contractors & mobile facilities.
   - These i-Mobile Systems can be configured for specific continuous or
on-demand mobile activities or personnel operations and group applications, including automated internet monitoring for:                               
-Remote Intelligence     ACTIVITIES       -Performance Analysis
    - Monitoring and Reporting                                                     -  User Analytics and Statistics   
    Productivity Optimization                                                      - Personal Efficiency & Safety    
     - GPS/RFID Locate  & Tracking                                                    - TV/Video, Color Cam, DT i-WATCH
     - Analog/Digital Sensors/Control                                                   - WiFi/Mx, Cell, Cable WebNetworks
                                                            SMART  i-DISPLAY  Appl                               
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               - These  i-Activitytm Mobile Systems integrate rugged/miniature Smart-iPhone or iTablet Computers, using precision wireless / electronic sensors  and Hi-resolution Color-vision Cameras or Optical/radiation Scanners, for:
- highly accurate measurements; and state-of-the-art statistical reduction, location tracking and real-time information response, over the world-wide Cellular, Cable or WiMax networks, with elections for: dynamic Beavorial Evaluation, Information Analytics, Performance Optimization, Predictive Trending or  A-I/Adaptive Inferencing  and Operational Security .  

   - Featuring flexible Performance Monitoring, Automation, and Robotics options, these Mobile Intelligence / Control Systems incorporate reliable:
     Mobile iPhone or iTablet Terminals              Touch-Screen Graphic Displays
     GPS,Analog/Digital Sensors/Control             Image/Facial/RFID Recognition
     Blue-Tooth A/V Media & Sensory I/O            WiFi/Max, Cell, Cable Networks         
    - for:  Operations Intelligence and Procedure Guidance, with interactive GUI Displays, with integrated operations monitoring, status reporting or  productivity / behavorial guidance.

 i-Activitytm  Mobile  Intelligence Systems: 

        - Offering automated Mobile-Activitiestm Monitoring with on-line:
                  Operations Intelligence                   Behavorial Analytics 
                  Statistical  Processing                     Safety & Surveillance,
 - plus Operator GUI Graphic Displays and blue-tooth wireless Sensory interfaces, featuring:


      - Flexible Mobile Monitoring of Individuals, Groups or Operational / 
            Process  Performance and Efficiency, including Automation and
            Robotics, or Statistics options for hi-volume procedures.
  - Precision Sensory Measurements, with Variable Range Checking,
            and  adaptive High/Low/Sigma Ranges, Programmed thru Touch-
           Screen entry or Internet/WiMax or Cable/Cellular Networks.
     - Accept and Reject Procedure Monitoring , for Process Classification,

           Grading and Tracking,  for Automated Systems  and Procedures.       
- A-I/Expert predictive Process Feed-Back Control, over LAN/WAN,

           WiMax or Internet and Cellular Networks  for adaptive / optimizing 
            Control applications.
    - Sensory Interface options  and  Remote / Wireless Instrumentation:
Temp        Press.        Chemistry        Movements         Images       Vision
                     Flow         Speed        Metallurgy        Dimension         Acceler       Sonics

      - Integral and Remote Bue-Tooth Electronic Sensors / Transducers, for:
             Vision, Imaging, Voice, Ultrasonic or Bionic Sensors, with optional
              Automatic Instrument Calibration and Scaling capabilities.
       - Compatibility with Automated or Manual Sensors/Transponders and
          Camera/Optics Systems and iPhone or Mobile/Hand-held Terminals,
          for Wireless Web Networking. 
      - High-Reliability Systems Architecture using proven Mobile iTablets 
          or Smart-iPhone technology, with Wireless Network Operability for
          on-line predictive Statistics and Intelligence.         
      - Modular Mobile iPhone and iTablet terminals, with Blue-Tooth Sensors
           and Control System options for ease of Expandability, Process

           Compatibility, Automation Implementation and LAN/WiMax,

            WiFi or Cellular Network Communications.

      With these Mobile Systems, reliable Intelligent Monitoring with process
Analytics and Intelligence Optimization options, plus real-time Information  snd Quality management, can be practically achieved; utilizing state-of-the-art technology and precision sensors / instrumentation for improvement of  operational productivity and efficiency rankings, - with accurate Statistical Process Control, Performance Monitoring and GPS/RFID Tracking.

      Custom engineering, network design, media interfaces and operational implementation services are offered for development of special Mobile-Activitytm  Systems, with advanced process Intelligence & statistical Analytics  capabilities, including custom: 
           Remote BT. Peripherals                  Sensors & Transducers
           A-I & Image Recognition                  Robotic / Automation I-O. 

  - Contact the  CSC Systems staff for reference specifications, and an evaluation of pending  i-Activitytm  Mobile System requirements;
- directly by:
-Phone:     313/882-1133   

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