AIR-Net  Systems

                   . . . Intelligent   Network  Technology . . .

                                                                  Air-Nettm                                                                                                    Interactive 
                    TV/Video  Media  Networking
          Featuring global internet access for Interactive Video/TV, Webcasting
 and Multi-Media Networking, the new Air-Nettm iVideotm System now offers, -remote: 
                                         Hi-resolution / mobile TV
                                         On-demand Video playback
                                         Multi-Media network access
                                         Mobile Internet  Conferences 
                                         2-D & 3-D TV/Video Imaging  
  - from specified Business, Education, Theater, or Entertainment centers, 
for viewing on Mobile PCs, iPhones or Graphic Displays, - around the world. 
       These Interactive iVideotm Systems include  a reliable micro-electronic
iMediaControllertm, - that enables remote PC, or iTab and iPhone users to
seamlessly control, connect, view and deploy A/V Content for:
                                            High-Definition TV
                                            Audio-Video / DVR
                                           Multi-Media Centers
                                           A-V Studio Webcasts
                                           i-Education / Classes   
                                           Touch-Display / Signs
 -  using iCloud Cable/Satellite and Mobile Internet communications,  to the
vast regions of the world.
                                  Remote TV/Video Network Access
     The Air-Nettm  iVideotm Systems also incorporate a flexible complement
of network compatible Software APPS, for the integration of:
                                       Mobile/Internet protocols
                                       Multi-Media I/O functions
                                       Internet / WiFi connectivity
                                       PC/iPad operating systems:
 - including Apple I/OS. Google Android  and Windows.
         High performance Audio/Video quality with dynamic media response
 is assured by the  iVideotm Systems proven design critera, plus  reliability
and security features.
        These efficient iVideotm networking systems are now offered at base
 prices ranging from only $199., - subject to control options, with complete
 specifications or implementation  support services directly available from:
                             CSC  Systems
                     E.Mail:      iCom@usa.com
                     Also Visit:    iNetworks
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