Title: Our Biological Wealth Under The Overwhelming Threat of A Grossly Uneven Concentration In Material Wealth                                           

AbstractThe present rapid decline of Biodiversity in our planet, whether at genetic, species or ecosystems level, is deeply correlated with uncontrolled and unplanned human activities. This may start from a miniature scale involving, say, a miserably impoverished individual desperate to earn a livelihood, and lead up to the horrendous menace of nuclear warfare and its elaborate preparations among militarily powerful nation states. This is quite unlike the phenomena of mass species extinction in the pre-human era. The glaringly uneven development in human civilization witnessed today, marked on one extreme by a handful of gigantic corporations rushing towards unfathomable profit in the name of globalization, and a huge proportion of mankind reeling under the scourge of abject poverty on the other, is devastatingly paving the way to overexploitation of natural resources, fragmentation and loss of habitat in our country and worldwide, and consequent negative impacts on biodiversity. Planning and judicious management of available resources, by dynamically assessing the real needs of the society, is therefore the need of the hour, than ever, for the sake of conservation of our biological wealth, still surviving, as well as for the existence of mankind itself on this planet --- two phrases which today have  become synonymous for all practical purposes.