TitleDepletion of forestry resources and their conservation using technological and economic efforts: a mathematical study                    

AbstractWith the surfacing of various environmental issues like deforestation, climate change, biodiversity, desertification etc., it has become imperative than ever to put the concept of sustainable forest management into practice. The notion behind sustainable forest management is attaining a balance between society's increasing demands for forest products and the conservation of forest health and diversity. Acquiring this balance is critical for the survival of both forests as well as human beings. Therefore, various innovative technologies are being developed and implemented for conservation of forests. Not only this but also people are motivated to use some alternative resources other than forest resources so that cutting of forests can be minimized. To comprehend the effect of employing innovative technologies and economic incentives in the form of alternative non-forest resources on the conservation of forest more comprehensively, we have used the approach of mathematical modelling. We have proposed and analysed some non-linear mathematical models to assess the effect of various strategies on conservation of forest resources. These models enhance our understanding about the system and equip us to gauge the future prospects so that appropriate strategies can be devised. We have obtained the equilibria of the proposed models and performed the stability analysis of the equilibria obtained. We have also performed the numerical simulation for illustrating the validity of our analytical findings and gaining more insight about the system. Through model analysis we derive the condition for attaining sustainable equilibria and its stability in presence of different conservation strategies.