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Intelligent  Network Technology

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   MOBILITY-ACCESStm   EXPANDERS                          
        iBOOSTERS: WiFi, WiMax & CELL/4G
              Maximum  Mobile-Connectivitytm:

   - Air/Nettm  Wireless LAN / VPN Mobility-Accesstm Networking 
 Systems  offer truly economical high-speed Broadband Internet Access, for MOBILE
and REMOTE computing facilities, including Point to Multi-Point: - Cellular. WiFi or
Networks; - without duplicate  costs for Telecom or Local Cable wiring and 
Ethernet interconnections.
     These advanced Mobility-Accesstm Wireless Networklng Systems provide
universal  Multi-Channel WEB, LAN/WAN & Cable Network interoperability and
amplification, offering Extended-Range Mobile Computing, Smart iPhone, Remote
Terminal, iTV / Video and I-P Communications utilization.
                Via/Nettm Mobility-Accesstm Systems are priced from only $195.  & up.
                                                                                                                               (Per Notes & Options)
Product:      -  The base Air/Nettm Mobility-Accesstm System includes:
                      1 -  AIR/NETtm Wireless Network Booster:  (For WiFi LAN Networking)
                            (Provides Expanded-Range  Mobile / Internet Access & Connectivity)
                            (Net Options: -  Central WiFi or CELL Networking Controllers for Remote D/X Nets)
                            (APPS/Security Opts: -  iPhone, iPad, PC or Android, - Mobile Networking Solutions)
    -  The expanded connectivity advantages offered by these Mobility-Accesstm 
Solutions are directly applicable to commercial, industrial and government network 
operations, including: 
       Enterprise           Manufacturing            Health-Care          Vehicles
       Instutional          Transportation          Entertainment         Military
                                   Mobility-Accesstm Systems
 -                  -  Mobility-Accesstm  Advantages:
                       - Wide-Area Net Connectivity  
                               -  Improve Mobile Productivity
                               -  Optimal Data/Signal integrity
                               -  Smart/Amplified R.F. Transfer
                               -  Integrated Broad-Band  / UHF
                               -  Encrypted Wi Router / Bridge
                              - Intelligent Multi-Channel Media
                              - Increased Network Efficiencies
                              - Reliable/Secure Communications
                              - Economical Uni-Cable Installations 
                              - Seamless Multiple-Net Architecture
  Significant network enhancing capabilities enabled by the Mobility-Accesstm 
technologies, can facilitate implementation of Wide-Range Wireless Networking for:
           -  Multi-Channel Operation                -  Broad-Band Coverage 
               Optim-Signal Enhancement                   Cell V/D and Net Services
              Auto R.F.Amplify / Security                   Freq: 400 Mhz to 6 Ghz 
              Data Interference Attenuation               4G,GSM,PCS,LTE,DCS,Etc.
          -  Miniature Net Transceivers              -  Multiple Service Networks       
               Hi-Pwr. Remote A-Modules                  Active Net Monitoring/Control
             WiFi/Max  uWave Antennas                 Uni-Cabling Infrastructure opt.
        Communications enhancing features of these Wireless/Network systems are 
applicable to single-cable, multi-operator net architectures for integral Cellular,
 WiFi/WiMax or TV/Video  services,  - with the following functions and options:

              -   BroadBand Spread-Spectrum SNMP Wireless Nets
              -   Intelligent Multi-Channel Net-Signal Enhancement 
               -  Economical  Cableless  Local-Net  Interconnections
               -  Wireless WEB Networking: - WiMax, Wi-Fi,  & Bluetooth
               -  MOBILE Communications and Encrypted WEB Security
              -   Mobile/Wireless ACCESS PORTALS & LAN/VPN Gateways
              -   STATION Adapters for Clusters of up to 2000  Remote PCs
              -   Data Rates to 100 Mbps; Range to over 20 Mi., or 1 Mi. Indoor
              -   AIR/NETtm Wireless Mobility-Accesstm  Infrastructure facilities:   
        Optionally, Air/Nettm Mobility-Accesstm  networking specifications, plus
professional Network Engineering, Consulting Services or Communications
Solutions, can be referenced
 thru    ViaWid0tc0m   
 Air/Nettm Mobility-Accesstm WiFi Systems: - Unit Pricing from: $195. & up.
 - Additionally, the Wireless Networking & Operational capabilities afforded by
the Air/Nettm  Mobility-Accesstm Systems, - can further include expansion features
with options for:
                                                 VPN FIREWALLS 
                                                 APPS   SECURITY
                                                USAGE ANALYSIS
                                              NETWORK TRAFFIC
                                             EVENT MONITORING                                   
                      - The purchase prices are net of required Shipping fees and 
                         applicable State tax.   The individual system specs are also
                         subject to Supply Chain variances.   Also, any requests for
                         returns must be preapproved and authorized by the seller 
                         before shipment; and are subject to inspection & repair costs.
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