Virtual Net  Mobility


           . . . Intelligent   Network  Technology . . .

                                           Interactive A/V WebCasting
                              iVideotm  WebCasting
          Featuring global internet access for Interactive Audio/Video Webcasting,
dynamic Video Conferencing and Multi-Media Networking, the new Net/Mobiletm  
iVideotm Systems now offer: 
                   Hi-Definition Mobile Video                 On-demand A/V Webcasting
                   Multi-Media Network access               Mobile / Internet Conferences 
                                                 2-D and 3-D Video Imaging  
    - for  on-line  Business, Commerce, Education or Government operations.
      These iVideotm capabilities facilitate intelligent A/V WebCasting, Graphics
Viewing and Information commnications, via Mobile PCs, iPhones and Touch-
Displays or HDTV and Signage,- for global users. 
       The Interactive iVideotm Systems utilize integrated A-V/Media  CastWaretm,
- that dynamicaly empowers remote PC & iTab or iPhone  users, to conviently
 originate, connect-to, or receive & view  TV/Video  content, utilizing:  
                    Day/Night WebCams                           Studio A/V Webcasts
                    Multi-Media Centers                           Cable/Satellite HDTV
                    Safety/Security Alerts                          Touch-Screens/Signage 
 -  using iCloud Cable/Satellite or Mobile/Internet communications,  into all the
regions of the world.
        The Net/Mobiletm  iVideotm Systems also incorporate a flexible complement of
network compatible Software APPS, for the functional integration of:
                   Mobile/Internet Protocols                   Multi-Media I/O functions
                   Wireless / Cell Connectivity                 PC/iPad Operating systems:
 - including Apple I/OS. Google Android  and Windows.
         High performance A/V  Webcast quality, with dynamic Multi-Media response,  
 is assured by the  iVideotm Systems proven design criteria,  - which emphasizes  
reliability and security features.
        These efficient iVideotm Internet broadcasting systems are now offered at
base prices ranging from only $99., - subject to control options, with detailed 
 specifications and implementation  support directly available from:
                          E.Mail:      iCom@usa.com
                            Visit:           iNetworks
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