Mobile Access


      Virtual  Net Mobility

     . . . Intelligent   Network  Accessability . . .


                      -  WIRELESS  NET / LAN  ACCESS -
                  - Mobile Access / Extenders -
                     Network  I/O  Adapters
   The new Net/Mobiletm Wireless / Mobile  Transceivers  offer advanced technology
with miniaturized RFID/GPS options for both: - Imbedded / Mobile Networking and
 Smart E.Grid  Access; - or Performance Analytics & Operations Monitoring, - plus
 remote Automation Control.

    These ultra-compact  Wireless Adapters facilitate economical / minature
 mobile/network capabilities, utilizing low-pwr. micrologic & integral Sensors
 for use with encoded Wireless RFID Transceivers/Transponders and Mobile /
 H-Held isplay Terminals.
  Available as dedicated  R.F Access modules or  Integrated I/D communications
adapters & terminals, these Wireless /  Mobile Transceivers facilitate interactive
duplexed data  transmission for: --I-P Network and Grid Access or facility parameters and automation controls; - with real-time Sensory Status, plus Information/RFID Tracking, using IP/IEEE, WiMax  or WEB Networking,  -
for distances exceeding several miles.
          - MOBILE  Wireless / Transceiver  Features -
                TRANSCEIVERS,                                      REMOTE  SYSTEMS,
                 NET SENSORS :                                       MOBILE  ACCESS :
                 R.F. Modules:                                             HandHeld/PAD: 
                 Multiple :  I/Os                                               Touch-Display                  
                 Freq:2.4/5.2 Ghz.                                            Int. Pwr. - Bat.. 
                     Self or Low Pwr.                                            Freq:2.4/5.2 Ghz.  
                 Duplexed Comm.                                            Encoded  Comm.
                 Gateway Options                                            Integral  Antenna
                     IP/WiMx/IEEE Net                                            RFID/ GPS/ Video
                      uCPU, A/D & DCU                                          GUI/ LCD/ Projector
                      RFID/I-O/Sensors                                           Grid/WiMax/Cell Nets
   - These  Mobile  RFID Transceivers  & Transponders are uniquely secure and
cost-effective for intelligent / sensory I-P Networks & E.Grid: - Communications,
RFID Identification, or Command & Control operations; - - and can enable the
virtual elimination of wiring expenses, for applications typically incorporating:

         Inventory / Supervision                                        Network/ Grid Monitors
         Smart-Grid / Monitoring                                     Remote Usage Logging
         Intel. Energy Efficiency                                       Personnel Identification
           E.Grid  Meter Readings                                       Entry &  Access Control
        Security or Surveillance                                       Computer Peripherals & --
         RFID/GPS/Cell Tracking                                       --Wireless Connectivity for:
         Facility/Asset Location                                          -Remote I/O Monitors
            Hazardous Monitoring                                           -LCD/Projector Display
         Emergency Alarming                                             -I/D Scanners & RFID
         Environmental  Logs                                              -Credit Card Readers 
         Temp./ Humid./ Press.                                             -Audio Mike/Speakers
         Data Acquisition - I/O                                             -Video/Digital Cameras
         Safety and Radiation                                              -CD  and  DVD Players
         Fire, Smoke, Gas, CO2                                                                  -Biometric / Bio-Scanner
           Power/HVAC Control                                              -Physiological  Analysis
         Vibration/Shock/Load                                             -Medical Monitoring/Alarm
         Automation / Controls                                            -GPS/Cell Tracking/Security

    - - - Please contact  CSC   directly, -for detailed specifications and special
applications of these AIR-Nettm  Wireless/Mobile RFID Transceivers and 
Network/Control Systems,
                    - and Visit the Sites:       Networks     Mobility 


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