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                                     NAS - NETWORK ACCESS  SERVERS




                                          -Distributed  NAS - NETWORK ACCESS SERVERS:


                       - Providing a powerful, intelligent networking architecture for remote multi-media storage /

                        forwarding and  information compression/ transmission capabilities, using broadband

                        Inter/IntraNet/ WWWeb communicatiions.


                        These multiple NAS Servers optimize the broadband accessibility, high-speed networking

                        and collaborative media integration for interactive Data/Audio and Video Streaming files. 

                        The distributed Network Access Servers can enhance high-bandwidth streaming-data

                        transfers and incorporate:


  •                                  - Intelligent Two-Way Media Communications
  •                                  - Media File Compression and Decompression
  •                                  - Integrated Multi-Media Caching/Storage
  •                                  - Broadband Data/Voice/Video Local Access

                         The NAS-Network Access Servers, facilitate intelligent broadband linkages directly from the

                         client POP - Point of Presence, into the ISP and  Host computer backbone networks.

                         This technology effectively accelerates the on-line performance of wideband Inter/IntraNet

                         communicaations facilities, offering virtual real-time transmissiion rates for collaborative

                         integration of Data/Voice & Video multi- media networking; effectively optimizing line-speeds

                         and minimizing latency & congestion, for transporting of high- bandwidth/media-rich content.


                         These broadband transmission services can provide real-time communication for G4 or

                         MPEG-3 & 4  video data, at speeds well in excess of 10 Mbpps, regardless of geographic

                         delivery points; including a multiplicity of on-line store & forward options that are controlled

                         from the client desk-top, with conventional WWWeb GUI interfaces.


                         Added reference materials for the Network Servers is noted on this site.


                         The "BROAD Net"tm Communications System support services are also optionally available, for:

                         network consulting, design, implemenation, management and training, to assist in the deployment

                         of both distributed wideband networks and RLAN/WAN& WWWeb computer-communications facilities.


                         Further technical information on these "BROAD Net"tm  Communications Systems can be requested

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