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                                                                            i / MOBILEtm
                                                                                                        Computing Mobility
                                                             Mobile Computer / Touch Display
NEW  PRODUCT:                                       i / TOUCHtm  PC

                 ASC SYSTEMS offers  Interactive Touch-Screen Computers with integrated
          PC Processors, for Hi-Definition Mobile Computing operations, - facilitating:
                                              Cellular Nets                Wireless iNet                Video Graphics
                                            Visuals/eBooks             Photo Imaging              Gestures &Touch          
                             with GUI communications features for both e.commerce and  transaction Apps.  
                                     These Hi-Resolution, Wide-Viewing Touch-Displays/Tablet-PC Computers 
                             are available with LCD Hi-Res, flat-panel technology and screen sizes of: 
                                                                          5", 7", 10", 12"
                             - with options for Hi-brightness and Multi-Touch or Gesture input functions. 
                                    Additional Display System feature selections include elections for:                           
                            hand-held and ruggedized enclosures or water-tight front panels designed
                            for portable and mobile facilities, using integral Intel-based PC / Computer
                            Systems and expansive memory, storage & peripheral I/O, with options
                            for WinM/OS or Android/OS software. 
                                   These interactive Graphic Displays now represent the optimal in Mobile
                             Graphics & Computing technology for Dynamic Real-Media communications,
                             with price ranges from only $155., and optional features and Apps for:
                                                Network Video                          I-T Data Display
                                                Virtual Reality                           R-T Simulations
                                                CAD/Graphics                           Process Controls  
                                               NET/Monitoring                        Security/Tracking 
                                              Sales Advertising                      Media & GUI Networks
                                            Mobile/RFID Analysis                Real-Time Diagnostics
                                  The powerful/integral i/Touchtm PC Computer Systems are now offered with 
                             imbedded PC processor/controllers for these ASC Touch-Displays, featuring:
                                                PROCESSOR:                               TOUCH-DISPLAY:
                                           Intel u-Multi CPU or                        Interactive Multi-Touch LCD
                                        Opt: ix-Core Processors                   Integral Hi-Res, Color Display
                                        & RISC/LowPower CPU                   Opts: 5,7,10,12,15" Touch-Screen
                                                                                            Resist./Capac.-Touch & Temp.Glass
                                       To 16 GBytes & DIMM Slot                         INTERFACES:
                                       Flash Mem Opt. to 6 GByte             Ethernet, USB,COM & Camera
                                       H/Disk Drives to 500 GBytes           WiFi/B-Th./Cell-3/4G & Sensors
                                       Exp. DVD/CD & Virtual Drive            Keyboard Battery / Pwr Chrgr.
                                                  OS /SYSTEMS:                             Touch-Tablet PC & LCD Display
                                       WIN/Imb & Android/OS.Opt.                 Opt. Hand-Held / Portable Encl.
                                       UNIX & QMX Oper.Systems                 for Mobile & Remote PC Apps..
                                       GUI Networking & Apps S/W               Micro Sized from: ~ 5 x3.3 x .3+" 
                               The Compact ASC i/Touchtm Computer Systems are supported with WIN /
                         Android / LINUX compatible software for  mobile, commercial and industry
                         specific Apps, - including: 
                                                                                           Interactive Media
                                                                                          Graphic User Input
                                                                                         Multi-Touch Data I/O
                                                                                        Mobile/ GPS Displays
                                                                                       Color Images / eBooks 
                                                                                     Video / Photos / WebCam
                                                                                       Point-of-Sale Systems
                                                                                      Advertising & TV/Media
                                                                                      Messaging / Encryption  
                                                                                     Grid/Process Monitoring
                                                                                 Networking / Communications
                                       System pricing for these economical Touch-Display/Panel-PC Computers range  
                                from  only $195. & up, depending on screen size , quantity. & options.
                                      Contact ASC for complete product information and technical support services, at:
                                                                                         ASC  SYSTEMS 
                                                               E. Mail:   iCom@usa.com   
                                                                  Visit:      i/Mobile
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