Weapon NamePowerBuy PriceSell Price
Nothing1Not Available0
Rotten Pike210
Corrupted Short Sword320
Ruined Hammer431
Broken Long Sword542
Old Dusty Dagger652
Dirty Old Axe784
Blade Of Corrosion8105
Gnarled Rod9126
Leather Sling10147
Peasant Sickle12168
Oak Club14199
Iron Darts162211
Throwing Knife182613
Wolf Claws203115
Steel Boomerang223718
Shaped Star244422
Shrink Quhab265226
Hashed Sai286231
Stone Mallet307437
Fangs of Steel338844
Elven Short Bow3610552
Bronze Chakram3912663
Back-Stab Prick4215075
Spiked Tomahawk4518090
Fast Rapier48215107
Ceremonial Kris51255127
Penetrative Lancets54300150
Barbed Topaz60430215
Reinforced Whip64510255
Soldier Poleblade68610305
Martial Talons72720360
Elite Sharp Dagger76850425
Precise Jevelin801,000500
Jade Knife841,170585
Crushing Clubmace881,370685
Compound Broadsword961,870935
Orient Shamshir1002,2001,100
Barbarian Maul1052,6001,300
East-Land Ataghan1103,0501,525
Dwarfen Crossbow1204,1502,075
Composite Long Bow1254,8002,400
Cutter of Speed1305,5002,750
Robust Lance1356,3003,150
Occult Katar1407,2003,600
Battle Harrow1458,2004,200
Balanced Hand Axe15610,5005,250
Radiant Trident16212,0006,000
Crescent-Shaped Scimitar17415,5007,750
Double-Bladed Long Sword18017,4008,700
Avenger Mace18619,9009,500
2-Handed Bastardsword19222,30011,150
Silver Katana19825,00012,500
Imperial Spear20428,00014,000
Fire Arbalest21031,50015,250
Winged Sabre21735,00017,500
Morningstar Of Ice22439,00019,500
Edgy Cleaver23144,00022,000
Inquisitor Helbard23850,00025,000
Bloody Sceptre24557,00028,500
Pilum of Bereavement25265,00032,500
Shadow Sword25974,00037,000
Righteous Great Axe26684,00042,000
Exquisite Heavy Hammer27395,00047,500
Siege Ballista280106,00053,000
Gothic Needles of Creeping288118,00059,000
Massive Knout296130,00065,000
Spear Of Impaler304143,00071,500
Bone Quarter Staff312157,00078,500
Golden Double Axe320172,00086,000
Necrotic Shuriken328189,00094,500
Envenomed Spear336207,000103,500
Crude War Maul344227,000113,500
Adamantium Blade352248,000124,000
Flail Of Execution360270,000135,000
Sword Of Ancestors369295,000147,500
Blessed Spear378320,000160,000
Dread Cutthroat387350,000175,000
Fear Reaver396380,000190,000
Sacreficial Skullcrusher405410,000205,000
Scourge of Screaming414445,000222,500
Cudgel of Torment423480,000240,000
Wand of Hypocrisy432515,000257,000
Colossus Sword Of Justice441550,000275,000
Deamonic Tanto450585,000292,500
Scythe of The Death460620,000310,000
Lethal Avenger470655,000327,500
Infernal Diakatana480690,000345,000
Angelic Rage Canalizer490725,000362,500
Tempered Vein Cutter500760,000380,000
Glorious Eradicator510795,000397,500
Staff of Heavens520830,000415,000
Axe of Eternal Destruction530870,000435,000
Brutal Neck Breaker540910,000455,000
Relentless Heartseeker550950,000475,000
Rapid Decapitator6001,000,000500,000
Sword of InSaNiTy1,200Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Enchanted Sword of InSaNiTy2,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Legendary Sword of the Ancient Kings4,800Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Sword of The Heavenly DJ14,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Reapers Scythe of Immortal Souls30,000Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Greedy Reapers Scythe of Immortal Souls43,200Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Holy Scimitar of Dung64,800Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Pumpkin Carver86,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Nerf Bat86,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Toothlust86,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
IRS Slayer86,400Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Fluffle Puff's Orbital Pillow Cannon129,600Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD
Antiguus Vir Talon129,600Not AvailableCAN NOT BE SOLD