Trinkets are very powerful items within Immoral Attack, below you will find a list of every trinket in-game and its power.  You may stack a single trinket type in all 4 slots without any penalty, infact they multiply when stacked.
Brooch of Deftness:
  • Double your skill gain chance.
Pain Spike:
  • 25,000,000 Prefight Damage.
Coil of Death:
  • 50,000,000 Prefight Damage.
Cross of Anguish:
  • 125,000,000 Prefight Damage.
Thief's Satchel:
  • +50% Larger Credit Bags. 

Strength of The Ant:
  • +5% Damage.
Strength of The Ox:
  • +10% Damage.
Strength of The Fallen Angel:
  • +20% Damage.
Stone Deity:
  • +20% Crafting Stone drop rate.
Soul in a Jar:
  • Double your HP.
Golden Phoenix Wing:
  • 5x Credits from monsters.
Immoral Engulfed Object:
  • x2 Levels Gained
  • x2 Skill Chance
  • +20% Crafting Stones drop rate
  • +50% larger Credit Bags
  • 10x Credits from monsters
  • x2 your HP
  • x2 your attack damage
  • 250 billion prefight damage.
Immoral Soul Stone:
  • Doubles your drop of Crafting Stones, Enchanted Timbers, Prismatic Stones, and Phials of Vampire Blood
  • Increases Crafting Stone Drop rate (Same effect as Immoral Engulfed Object no increase)
  • Increases your Health by x5
  • x4 your attack damage.
  • 25x Gold Drops from monsters
  • 2x Gold Bag Drops
  • Increase Skill Gains and Skill Chance by x5