Special Locations

Plane Of Creation:
  • 7, 7 The Arena - This location is only special when you have activated an Arena Ticket through the Arena Master. When having an Arena Ticket active you will face stronger monsters in the Arena and you will find a insanely high drop rate. Increased Staff Drops as the Mines do along with 1 in 30 Grab Bag or Egg drops. 1 in 50 Jackpot Grab Bag drops. 1 in 250 Insane Grab Bag Drops 1 in 300 Big Lime Egg drops, 1 in 1500 Immoral Engulfed Object Fragment, 1 in 3000 Primal Essence.
  • 7, 5 - This location gives a x2 Skill Chance Bonus
  • 6, 10 Immoral Ghost Mines - While in the Immoral Ghost Mines you will find that you have a increased drop rate from your Staff of Wonders and Staff of Shards.  While at this location you may also find Wind, Fire, Ice, and Strange Essences.  This location requires the Immoral Ghost Mine Key to enter.