Skills are your stat points in Immoral Attack.  Skills determine many things within the game such as damage, health, defense, even your peon tax income. Skills are gained randomly but there are many ways to boost your chance at gaining a skill. There is no cap on the number of skills you can earn however the more skills you have the harder they are to earn without boosting your skill chance bonus directly or with items.
Weapon Accuracy:
  • Increases your weapon damage.
Defensive Stance:
  • Increases your defense.
First Aid:
  • Increases your health by 250 per skill.
  • Increase chances to spawn a beast.¬†(MAX +100%)
  • Allows spawning of beasts by using the Dark Stranger NPC.
  • Spent to summon Generals for your kingdom.
  • Determines tier 3 attack and health in kingdom war.
  • Increases the number of peons born each cycle.
  • Increases the income generated by peons.
  • Increases your chance at finding random drops off monsters. (MAX +100%)