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Naeroled Warp Gate (Time Temporal)

  • Gain entrance to Time Temporal.

Prerequisites to Complete: 
  • Access to Dullahan
  • Access to Plane of Souls

Ghost of Dullahan:
  • You must collect 3 Naeroled Warp Gate schematic shreds from this beast.  You must collect a shred from this beast on each plane Plane of Creation, Plane of Despair, and Plane of Heroes.
Ghost of Heroes Past (Dullahan):
  • Slay this monster until it drops a schematic shred.
The Turn In:
  • Once you have collected all 4 Schematic Shreds take them back to Doc along with 2,500 Cash Credits, Shard Dust, Prismatic Stones, Enchanted Timbers, and Phials of Vampire Blood.