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Master Enchantress

  • Enchant InSaNiTy items.
  • Enchant items with Essences.

  • 10 Shard Dust per InSaNiTy Enchant attempt.
  • 10 Crafting Stones, 2 Shard Dust, 2 Enchanted Timber, 2 Prismatic Stone, 10 Cash Credits, and 10 Billion gold to change the InSaNiTy item being enchanted.
  • Essence Enchanting: Varies by enchant.

  • /npc Master Enchantress: *anything*
    Start Conversation 
  • /npc Master Enchantress: craft
    Attempt to enchant the InSaNe Item that the NPC is currently working on.
  • /npc Master Enchantress: although 
    Shows you the requirements to change the InSaNe item currently being enchanted.
  • /npc Master Crafter: give
    Allows you to change the InSaNe item that the NPC is attempting to enchant.