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Dust Keeper

  • Reborn when your character has hit max level.
  • Buy inventory items with Shard Dust.
  • Enter harder leveling modes. (Hard, Insane, Immoral)

  • Reborn: 5 Shard Dust
  • Kings Sword: 25 Shard Dust
  • Kings Shield: 25 Shard Dust
  • Kings Crown: 25 Shard Dust
  • Shiny Pet Rock: 25 Shard Dust
  • Power Shard: 50 Shard Dust
  • Shard Kicker: 50 Shard Dust
  • Shard of Skillfulness: 50 Shard Dust
  • Legendary Ring: 50 Shard Dust
  • Legendary Cape: 50 Shard Dust
  • Legendary Amulet: 50 Shard Dust
  • Legendary Talisman: 50 Shard Dust
  • Skill Sigil: 100 Shard Dust
  • Midas Touch: 100 Shard Dust
  • Broken Chain of the Gods: 100 Shard Dust
  • Staff of Guilds: 100 Shard Dust
  • Pristine Diamond: 100 Shard Dust
  • Artisan Spyglass: 100 Shard Dust
  • Staff of Wonders: 200 Shard Dust
  • Staff of Shards: 200 Shard Dust
  • Hard Mode: 50 Shard Dust
  • Insane Mode: 100 Shard Dust
  • Immoral Mode: 200 Shard Dust
  • /npc Dust Keeper: reborn
    Resets your level to level 1.
  • /npc Dust Keeper: purchase
    Lists the items available for purchase from the Dust Keeper.
  • /npc Dust Keeper: sword
    Gives the Kings Sword
  • /npc Dust Keeper: shield
    Gives the Kings Shield
  • /npc Dust Keeper: crown
    Gives the Kings Crown
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Rock
    Gives Shiny Pet Rock
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Power
    Gives a Power Shard
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Kicker
    Gives a Shard Kicker
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Skillfulness
    Gives a Shard of Skillfulness
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Ring
    Gives a Legendary Ring
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Cape
    Gives a Legendary Ring
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Amulet
    Gives a Legendary Amulet
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Talisman
    Gives a Legendary Talisman
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Sigil
    Gives a Skill Sigil
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Touch
    Gives a Midas Touch
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Chain
    Gives a Brown Chain of the Gods
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Guilds
    Gives a Staff of Guilds
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Diamond
    Gives a Pristine Diamond
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Spyglass
    Gives an Artisan Spyglass
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Staff
    Gives a Staff of Wonders
  • /npc Dust Keeper: Shards
    Gives a staff of Shards
  • /npc Dust Keeper: skip
    Puts the user in Hard Mode from Normal mode.
  • /npc Dust Keeper: hardmode
    Allows the user to advance into Hard Mode if they have completed normal mode.
  • /npc Dust Keeper: insane
    Allows the user to advance into Insane Mode if they have completed hard mode.
  • /npc Dust Keeper: immoral
    Allows the user to advance into Immoral Mode if they have completed insane mode.

Guide By: Meggie