Kingdom Charter:
  • You may only have 1 Kingdom Charter across all of your accounts so only purchase it on your main.  Failure to follow this rule will get all of your accounts "charter locked" making it impossible to purchase a charter.  This means you will miss out on daily kill chests for violating this rule.

Understanding Troop Attack/Health Tiers:
  • Your troops start at attack and health tier 1.
  • If you have the Kings Sword and Kings Shield your troops will have tier 2 stats.
  • If your Kingmanship is greater than your opponents.
    • +1 Attack Tier
    • +1 Health Tier
  • If your military was not paid properly.
    • Set Attack Tier to 1
    • Set Health Tier to 1
Your opponents attack and health tiers for their troops works the exact same way as yours does.  For the exact values for each units attack and health see the Units guide.

  • Each acre of land houses 20 population.  Your total population is Peons and troops.
  • Troop upkeep is paid every 15 minutes, at the same time you collect taxes from your peons. If your peon taxes do not cover the upkeep of your army your soldiers will not fight until they have been paid properly.
  • Peon: 1
  • Land: 15
  • Rifleman: 1.3
  • Knight: 1.8
  • Halfling 1.55
  • When your troops are out on a march they CAN NOT defend your Kingdom so do not send everything
  • Attacks last 10 Rounds at which point you must have killed at least 5% of the enemy army your gains are based off of how much of the defending army you slay. (Maximum 12% land or equal to the number of troops you have returning home)
  • If you kill 20% of the enemy forces before 10 rounds the fight ends immediately and you take your maximum 12% land. (If your entire army dies you lose the fight regardless of how much damage you did.)
  • Attacking and winning or losing will yield War Points, if you win you will obtain 5% of your opponents war points +2% your opponent will only lose the 5%. If you lose your opponent will gain 2% of your war points.
  • Attacking another guild will lead to earning Guild War Points.  If victorious your guild will claim 2% of the enemies guilds war points, +1% Guild War Points generated by the conflict. If you attack another guild and lose your guild loses 1% of its war points to the enemy guild. (You can not earn more Guild War Points than you have troops returning home.)
  • Inter Guild Conflict will result in -1% Guild War Points
  • You will gain 1-3 attacks per hour depending on if you do or do not have the Kings Sword (+1 Hourly Attack) and or the Kingdom War Package (+1 Hourly Attack) off the Item Mall.
  • Attacks will return based on the distance your enemy is away.
  • Your army will not attack another kingdom if your peons taxes did not cover your troops upkeep.
  • If your troops are not properly paid they will defend at tier 1 attack and health.
  • Freedom
    • No buff or debuff.
  • Militaristic 
    (More than 50% Military)
    • Peons in a militaristic kingdom will give less credits in taxes.
  • Sending more Generals with your exploration party will lead to fewer peon losses, but the more general you use the more time it takes. Each General adds 15 minutes to the exploration time.
Release Troops:
  • Releasing troops is free and instant, do this when you need to decrease the costs of your military.
Kingmanship and Kingdoms:
  • Multiplies Peon settlements by Kingmanship/1 Trillion. (No multiplier gain if under 1)
  • Multiplies Peon Credit Gains by Kingmanship/1 Trillion. (No multiplier gain if under 1)
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