Fishing is something new and still in heavy development in Immoral Attack.
  • You need a Rod, Reel, and Line to fish.
  • Fishing is done by simply attacking at the location of a Lake with the 3 items listed above.
  • There is 1 Lake per plane each lake has different fish and rates for those fish.
  • Fish caught at each lake will be listed by a color for rarity.  Like many games we will use the common Legendary(1:10,000+ Drop Rate) Epic(1:9,999-5,001) Rare(1:5,000-2,001) Uncommon(1:2,000-1,001)
    Common (1:1,000) Trash colors.
  • Bait can be found by fishing at any Lake or fighting monsters on Plane Of Creation with the 3 pieces of the rod in your inventory.
Getting the Fishing Pole Parts
  • You will find your Basic Rod at the Plane of Creation lake.
  • You will find your Basic Reel at the Plane of Heroes lake.
  • You will find your Basic Line at the Plane of Despair lake.