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Belgian statistics

Statistics website National Bank of Belgium (Macroeconomic and microeconomic statistics)
Central Balance Sheet Office National Bank of Belgium (Information about Belgian annual accounts)
Federal Planning Bureau (Economic analyses and forecasts)
Belgian Science Policy (Belspo: indicators of R&D and innovation, R&D tax measures, research)

European statistics

EU migration (metadata page, with links to data, recent trends and external sources)
EU KLEMS (data on output, inputs, prices etc. at sector-year level for EU and some other countries)
Eurostat (EU statistics database, very extensive, e.g. producer price indices, labour market indicators,                                                     R&D indicators, enterprise statistics, etc.)
EFIGE dataset (Bruegel website)

International statistics

WTO Trade in services (negotiations, trade in services, commitments, ...)
World Input-Output Database (Global value chains, I/O linkages, value added trade)
Global Antidumping Database (part of Temporary Trade Barriers Database of the World Bank)
United Nations Statistical database (e.g. Comtrade, service trade statistics, macroeconomic indicators) 
OECD statistics database (e.g. labour market indicators, science & technology indicators, bilateral trade)
World Bank Doing Business database (indicators on ease of starting a business, trading across borders, etc)