This page provides access to concordance files developed and discussed in:

Van Beveren, Ilke, Andrew B. Bernard and Hylke Vandenbussche (2012). Concording EU Trade and Production Data over Time. NBER Working Paper Series 18604.
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This document contains a sensitivity analysis of the concordance procedures discussed in the paper for different time periods.

Concordance files

Concording EU trade and production data over time

EU Combined Nomenclature (CN8) classification (1988-2010): 

EU Prodcom (PC8) classification (1993-2010): 

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Harmonized System (HS6) classification (1988-2010): 

Translating EU trade and production data in a common classification (cross-section)

Concordance CN8 and PC8 to HS6+ (2003 or 2005):

Concordance CN8 and PC8 to PC8+ (2003 or 2005):

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