Atelier Tenjinyama

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Project team : Morita Tatsuya Machida Takahiro

Consultants : Suzuki Akira/ASA Kuwako Ryo

Landscape : Ota Atsuo /ACID NATURE 0220

General Contractor : Kenchikusha Shiki Inc.

Design : 2007.07 - 2010.01

Construction : 2011.01

Structural system : reinforced concrete

Story : 1 stories

Total floor area : 61.93㎡

Program : Dwelling with office

Guidebook of architecture at Gunma

Architektura od wnętrza

Construction of modern Japan vol.5

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Selected Architectural Designs 2013

c3 N゜340


INTerNI AnnuaL ConTracT 2012.09

pen 2011 12/1 No.303

pen 2011 11/1 No.301

CONFORT 2011.10

Mark Magazine N゜33

domus 947


In spring, smell of flower covers the office,

In summer, shade of a tree is cast on the desk,

In autumn, the leaves fall down on the bed when I awake,

In winter, the sunshine pours on the ground.

On a sunny day, above the ceiling, clouds float

On a rainy day, the ceiling echoes strongly,

On a cloudy day, the ceiling is an abstract screen,

On a snowy day, the ceiling becomes white soft roof,

In the morning, look at a disappearing star,

In the daytime, air rises up,

In the evening, the room is tinted with madder red,

In the night, the shadow-graph moves on the wall.

The trees grow the root under the floor of soil,

Resolve water into oxygen.

People breath it and work,

To grow the tree, we water it.

A concrete tent for protecting from harshness.

Place like a garden to melt with tenderness,.

To know transience, we are enclosed by the living thing,

and time passes, here becomes a grave.

Enjoy the ever changing environment

Primitive architecture was born to defend from rain and wind.

This building is assembled from only four pieces of walls and a roof. This primitive constitution just indicates the possibility that people are able to inhabit in here somehow. But in fact, living in here is fully filled with joy, peace and discovery.

Design method is simple. I create a box to live, install a window to be connected with the town, make a ceiling transparent to look up at the blue sky, plant trees to get a bowers, make a floor of soil to grow a root and raise a ceiling to grow trees. The architecture which was born in this way shows various scenes in inside and outside of it. Beside it, it sometimes shows the scenes which are beyond our imagination. This experience is a different kind of comfortableness compare to openness of open air. The comfortableness of connecting with outside from a protected place physically and psychologically. The architecture for enjoying rain and wind, not for defending them.

Wherever we live, there is dynamic, ever-changing environment around us. There are seasons, time and weather coming out from the movement of the earth. If we are in the city, there is society. If we are in nature, are surrounded by a forest, a sea and creatures. They are intricate, intense, ephemeral and beautiful. I let myself go with the big flow, enjoy a slight difference and want to create the building which can touch people's heart each moment. At this atelier, I attempt to have these experiences in the city called Takasaki, Gunma, where many thunderstorms rumble during the summer night and extremely dry wind blows during the clear winter days.

Completion photograph in the winter of 2011, when the trees were so young yet, recorded the beginning of the story of Atelier Tenjinyama. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the scene of "birth, growth and fading", like imagining the future of children growing.

生物図鑑#1 「変わりつづける世界と私」展 DMドローイング
生物図鑑#1 「変わりつづける世界と私」展 DMドローイング


担当 : 藤野高志 森田達也 町田貴宏

構造設計 : 鈴木啓/ASA 桑子亮

植栽 : 太田敦雄/ACID NATURE 0220

施工 : 建築舎四季

設計期間 : 2007.07 - 2010.01

竣工 : 2011.01

主体構造 : RC造

階数 : 地上1F

延床面積 : 61.93㎡

用途 : 事務所+住宅


Architektura od wnętrza

現代日本の建築 vol.5

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ガーデン&ガーデン Vol.45


c3 N゜340


INTerNI AnnuaL ConTracT 2012.09

pen 2011 12/1 No.303

pen 2011 11/1 No.301

コンフォルト 2011年10月号

Mark Magazine N゜33

domus 947

新建築 2011年3月号


春は 花の香りが仕事場を満たすように

夏は 机に木陰ができるように

秋は 寝覚めのベッドに落葉が降って

冬は 暖かい陽が地面に届く

晴れた天井には 雲が流れ

雨の天井は ザアザアと鳴る

曇りの天井は 抽象的なスクリーン

雪の日は 白く柔らかな屋根となる

朝は 消えゆく星を眺め

昼は 空気が上に昇る

夕暮れ 部屋中 茜色に染まり

夜の壁には 影絵が動く

土の床に 木が根を張って

水を分解し 酸素にする

人は その酸素を吸って仕事をし

木を育てようと 水を撒く

厳しさから守るための コンクリートのテント

優しさに溶けていくための 庭のような場所

儚さを知るために 生物に囲まれて

月日が経てば 墓となる





世界中何処に住んでも,私たちの周りにはダイナミックに変化し続ける環境がある.地球の動きから生じる季節と時間と天候.都市にいれば社会があるし,自然の中であれば 森や海や生き物に囲まれている.それらは複雑で,厳しく,儚く,美しい.その大きな流れに身を委ね,微差を愛で,一瞬一瞬に感動できる建築を作りたい.群馬県高崎市という,夏の宵に雷雨が多く,冬は晴れと空っ風が続く環境の中で,それを試みたのがこの作品である.