The room hung glaze

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Planner : ACT Inc.

General Contractor : Amada construction Inc. + Separate order

Design : 2008.12

Construction : 2009.01

Structural system : reinforced concrete

Total floor area : 44.50㎡

Program : house

A project of renovation that one room of the existing steel reinforced concrete building.

"Grazing" is one of the technique of the oil painting, how to paint to put semitransparent paint on a canvas, this technique is for fix the tone of the whole screen and give the transparency of the color. I used the technique that resembled it and put light white on interior. I brushed white, an old concrete wall and a kitchen door which faded, a switchboard, the glass of the door carefully.

As for grazing of the oil painting, it is repeated a color as the last finish after a motif was completed. This interior decoration has an old room, I put to the surface a little by little. I wanted to give the atmosphere that covered the surface with white "glaze" not to cover the conventional room. Finally, it turned into white other than the scenery outside the window, and a room became bright. I did a brush the old facilities machinery which I was not able to have made newly to show a color of the groundwork, so oldness is transparent appeared. The narrow white line that is made by vertical window swings divides a domain in the room. Because the trace of the brush was left thinly in this room, I saw it like a picture when I photographed it.


担当 : 藤野高志

企画 : 有限会社アクト

施工 : 有限会社天田建設+分離発注

設計期間 : 2008.12

竣工 : 2009.01

主体構造 : RC造

延床面積 : 44.50㎡

用途 : 住宅




油彩のグレージングはモチーフが完成してから最後の仕上げとして色を重ねていく.今回の内装も最初にまず古い部屋ありきで,その表面に少しづつ手を加えた.今までの部屋を隠すのでなく,表面に白い「うわ薬」をかけたような雰囲気を出したかった.最終的には,窓の外の景色以外ほとんど真っ白になり,部屋全体がボヤっと明るくなった.新調できなかった古い設備機器も下地の色が見える程度にグレージングしたので,古さが透けて見える味わいが出たように思う.布製のバーティカルブラインドの揺れ動く細い白い線は,部屋の中の領域をゆるやかに区切っている. この部屋には刷毛のあとがうすく残るので,カメラで撮るとまるで絵画のように見えた.