It is a tower that the environment is projected.

Thin tower of 1000mm in width, 0.05mm in depth, and 40000mm in height shakes to air. The curvature of the wall always changes and the reflected figure waves. The swimming appearance in the wind seems a huge living thing. There are people who pray in the grassy place under the tower.

After on March 11, we came to have to draw the future more clearly. It not is neither light of the city nor a strong building. It is the existing one that doesn't change such as season, time, and the weather that movement of the earth invents, or society of living thing that the huge power brings up. We are alive in the environment that cannot be fought. This is construction to give oneself completely to the flow, and to discover feelings of the moment.

The wind that blows toward the high crag will destroy this fragile, transient structure many times. The tower is rebuilt, and the mirror that projects scenery is reborn. The material that deposits the metal is the recycling goods gotten from Nakadai Ltd. who is the integrated recycling trader; there is originally industrial waste from the film manufacturing factory. Relation between us and Scenery that tower that transmigration of the soul is repeated becomes dynamic. There are a heap of rocks and sky there if looking up along the shaking scenery.

Takeyama where beliefs were collected from ancient times as holy mountain. It is said that a lot of souls of the dead will gather in this place. When a small light lights up under the tower in the foot, it becomes the signpost of the repose of soul in the evening.

Name : Nakanojo Biennale

Venue : Nakanojo

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Collaboration : SNARK Maniackers Design

Design : 2010.08 - 2011.07

Dates : 2011.08.20 - 2011.10.02

Exhibits : industrial waste film









恊働:小阿瀬直建築設計事務所 Maniackers Design

設計期間:2010.08 - 2011.07

展示期間:2011.08.20 - 2011.10.02