Principal-in-charge : FujinoTakashi

Project team : Morita Tatsuya Machida Takahiro

General Contractor : Hashizume Industrial Inc.

Design : 2012.2 - 2012.7

Construction : 2012.12

Structural system : wood

Story : 2 stories

Total floor area : 102.94㎡

Program : house


The various scenes stay together.

The beginning was finding the site. Finally I found It in the residential area on the cliff after seeing some sites proposed for. There is impressive view such a far-off mountains and a town beneath. But you are aware of the close being, if you sit on the ground. You hear the bird song and the sound of train below you at the same time. Not so far nor so close, coincidentally, the various distance of scenes are coming to here. I think this expance of various distance will bring the resident the discovery and the drama in daily life.

First, I drawn the house toward mountain and create close scenary in front of it. The meandering outline connects the inside space and outside one, deepens the depth of close scenery. The window which was opened at many point brings the far-off mountains range, the woods over there and the ground beside into their daily life, the difference of ceiling height also gives the order for them. Because the distance to window is changed, You can not see only one scene but feel a a lot of scenes.

Since two years after completion. In bare garden, with house position and window’s locations as clue, the resident had planted trees for little by little, created the earth floor and have raised them. If we call the architecture as union of building and garden, this house looks as it is. It is because of the arrangement of things, the circulation and the remaining plants have the rationality of the passage of time. Moreover it harmonize with the scenery that passed the time with it such a town and a woods below.

In here, the scenes with people will be clipped and these moments creates the history of family. I hope the architecture would be just the incentive for it.


担当 : 藤野高志 森田達也 町田貴宏

施工 : 橋詰工業株式会社

設計期間 : 2012.2 - 2012.7

竣工 : 2012.12

主体構造 : 木造

階数 : 地上2F

延床面積 : 102.94㎡

用途 : 住宅

新建築住宅特集 2015年8月号


はじまりは敷地探し.いくつかの候補地を経て辿り着いた崖の上の住宅地.遠くの山々や眼下の町が印象的だ.だが地面に腰を下ろし佇めば,草花や猫といった身近な存在に気付く.樹上の鳥のさえずりと眼下の電車の音が同時に聞こえる.遠くとなく,近くとなく,様々な距離の出来事が重なる.この遠近の広がりは,建主の日常に発見やドラマをもたらすに違いない. まず建物を山側に寄せ,遠景の手前に近景をつくる.蛇行する外壁線は,内外の空間を噛み合わせ,近景の奥行きを深める.多方向に空けた窓が,遥か彼方の山脈,すぐ脇の地面,少し向こうの林などを生活のすぐそばに引き込み,天井高の振幅がそこに秩序を与える.凸凹した平面形により,窓までの奥行きが変化するため,一つの風景と向き合うことも,たくさんの風景を同時に感じることもできる. 竣工から2年半.当初土だった庭に,建物の配置と窓の位置を手がかりに,建主が少しずつ木を植え,土間を打ち,草花を育てた.建物と庭を一体で建築と呼ぶなら,今の建築の姿はとても自然に見える.それは物の置き場所や,動線や,植生の淘汰を経てなお残る風景が,時間を経た合理性を帯びるからである.そして,同じく時を経た風景である崖下の町並みや林とも親和する. ここでは,人が入り込んだ風景が絵画のように切り取られ,その一瞬一瞬が積み重なり家族の歴史となる.建築はそのきっかけであればよい.