Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Consultants : SuzukiAkira/ASA Hasegawa Michio

General Contractor : JINGU CONSTRUCTION

Design : 2011.4 - 2011.10

Construction : 2012.2

Structural system : reinforced concrete

Story : 1 stories

Total floor area : 9.49㎡

Program : open-air family bath

Frame Magazine N゜89

Selected Architectural Designs 2015

ぐんま建築ガイド Guidebook of architecture at Gunma

Nature of distance and people

This is a family bath in the countryside of Gunma, planned on the site where there used to be a separated public bath. It is a special building type where the bare human body can encounter nature and experience an instinctive freedom; breezes, rain and birdsongs can enter through a south-oriented skylight. The sloped concrete walls reflect the light that bounces of the water surface, cause reverberations and serve as roof, protecting from rain. The floor has various levels so man might enjoy different uses and as one either dips into the cave-like bath or lies down under the sky, the space between the body and the surrounding nature is changed. A rich tactile experience is brought forth by the coexistence of rough stone, wood, concrete, polished stone, and metal. Thus, through the simple meeting of four walls and a floor of hot water, man can feel a sense of safety -one of architecture' s essential gifts- and open all five senses.


担当 : 藤野高志

構造設計 : 鈴木啓/ASA 長谷川理男

施工 : 神宮工業株式会社

設計期間 : 2011.4 - 2011.10

竣工 : 2012.2

主体構造 : RC造

階数 : 地上1F

延床面積 : 9.49㎡

用途 : 露天家族風呂

Frame Magazine N゜89