The circulating classroom

I cut only some land in the world and I am on duty to a bottle and drain it into the sea. I live as the self-sufficiency on the small earth.

A room of acrylic loaded with fertile soil and the fruit, the kind of the plant, is our classroom.

There are days I catch a fish or a gull, and plow the field. I eat the food which I stored up on the day when the sea is stormy. I eat fruit and the vegetables which I cultivated and the fish or bird I caught, With a motor working by a transmission model solar battery panel put on the inside entire surface of the acrylic, I filter seawater and make fresh water.

I plow the field on the day when the sea is calm and go into the sea and exercise, I read a book in a room under the soil on the day when the sea is stormy and stare at the sea a day and spend it.

It is a plain figure of all earth, that the sea dirty in oil, beautiful coral, the afternoon when the soft breeze blows, a storm to shake a bottle intensely. Learning in this room is "I am a small presence" I made this work with all such thought.

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Project team : Morita Tatsuya

Design : 2008.08 - 2008.09

循 環 す る 教 室






担当:藤野高志 森田達也

設計期間:2008.08 - 2008.09